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    Now here’s an asset  ... More

  2. English 1,2

    This course’s study of archetypal literature provides a basic understanding of the writer’s craft. English 1,2 teaches vocabulary and grammar through context and application. Students compose creative... More

  3. English 3,4

    Incorporating service learning and highlighting the immigrant experience, students build upon their skills from English 1,2 with a greater focus on poetry and drama. Students will engage with a variet... More

  4. English 3,4 Honors

    This course explores all the topics covered in 10th grade English, but in greater depth and intensity. Students read more and at a more rapid pace; students write more challenging and more frequent es... More

  5. English Language & Composition Advanced Placement

    This rigorous course is the study of rhetoric, the art of verbal expression. This course examines the cultural contexts for critical thinking and writing, focusing on the myths that dominate American ... More

  6. English Literature & Composition Advanced Placement

    Surveying world literature, this writing-intensive course focuses on college-level literary analysis. Taught like a college class, the course includes close reading of sophisticated texts, an examinat... More

  7. Journalism 1,2

    Journalism is the systematic gathering, interpreting, processing and disseminating of information, opinion and entertainment for publication. This course is an academic subject requiring substantial r... More

  8. Modernist Literature (one semester)

    The word “modernism” implies a self-conscious break from the past. In the United States and Europe, from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, the ache of modernism was so fervent in litera... More

  9. Literature & Science (one semester)

    What does it mean to be human? How much control do we humans have over our physical and mental capacities, or over our external world? Does technology allow us to play God? Literature and Science seek... More

  10. Literature of the 5th Century BCE (one semester)

    The “Golden Age of Athens” has a rightful claim as the basis of western civilization; architecture, sculpture, art, politics, philosophy, and drama flowered in this brief period of history. This cours... More

  11. Shakespeare (one semester)

    The completion of this course will develop the student’s Shakespearean eye and ear through poetry and drama, and the study of William Shakespeare, the person within his historical context. Since even ... More

  12. Speculative Fiction (one semester)

    This course takes a scholarly approach to the appreciation and understanding of classic science fiction. Far from the light sabers and scaly monsters of pop/genre fiction, this course presents an argu... More

  13. Irish Literature (one semester)

    More than a form of communication for the Irish people, language is often a means for playing a verbal game and for creating an identity. As anyone who has attempted it will no doubt attest, mundane c... More

  14. Asian-American Literature (one semester)

    This course explores the literary, geographical, political, and cultural influence of setting and authorial background on narrative, content and style. What happens to narrative voice when we cross oc... More

  15. French 1,2

    This course is an introduction to French language and culture. Its goal is for students to communicate effectively in French at a mid-novice level in the four basic skill areas: listening, speaking, r... More

  16. French 3,4

    This course builds on the language competencies achieved in French 1,2 in the four basic language skill areas. Its goal include communicating effectively in French at an intermediate level and learnin... More

  17. French 3,4 Honors

    This course is designed to prepare students for the French AP course in subsequent years. Students develop interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes of communication, as well as sophistica... More

  18. French 5,6

    Expanding on communication skills practiced in previous levels of French study, students will learn to express themselves at a novice high/intermediate low level. They will use French language more co... More

  19. French 5,6 Honors

    Students who complete this course will be well-prepared for the rigors of French AP the following year. Students develop interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes of communication, as well... More

  20. French Advanced Placement

    This advanced French course addresses themes of Global Challenges, Science and Technology, Contemporary Life, Personal and Public Identities, Families and Communities, and Beauty and Aesthetics. Dail... More

  21. French 7,8

    This course continues the emphasis on spoken French while exposing students to a greater knowledge of French culture and society. Students will participate in debates and discussions, perform skits an... More

  22. Spanish 1,2

    This course in beginning Spanish provides an introduction to understanding, listening to, speaking, reading, and writing modern Spanish. Students learn to speak with correct pronunciation and intonati... More

  23. Spanish 1,2 for Heritage Speakers

    This course is for Spanish-speaking students in the 9th and 10th grade. The course will focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to develop effective communication in standard Spanish... More

  24. Spanish 3,4

    This class is a continuation of Spanish 1,2. It continues the emphasis on the spoken language with correct pronunciation, intonation and grammar usage. Speaking, listening, reading and writing are exp... More

  25. Spanish 3,4 Honors

    This course incorporates the second-year Spanish curriculum, with more in-depth study and more extensive expectations of student performance in language acquisition skills (reading, writing, speaking ... More

  26. Spanish 5,6

    This course builds on the skills of Spanish 3,4 or 3,4 Honors, developing Spanish-language conversational ability, vocabulary and literary knowledge. Students are required to use all tenses in writing... More

  27. Spanish 5,6 Honors

    This course builds on the skills of Spanish 3,4 or 3,4 Honors, developing Spanish-language conversational ability, vocabulary, and literary knowledge at a fast pace to prepare students for the Spanish... More

  28. Spanish Advancement Placement

    This college-level Spanish course prepares students for the AP Spanish exam and develops their daily proficiency in interpersonal (interactive), interpretive (receptive) and presentational (productive... More

  29. Spanish 7,8

    This course continues to develop the ability to speak, understand, read and write Spanish in academic and real-world contexts. The content expands knowledge of the culture and history of Spanish-speak... More

  30. Japanese 1,2

    This course is designed for students with no prior Japanese language experience. Students begin to speak, understand, read, and write Japanese as well as to appreciate the attitudes, values, and custo... More

  31. Japanese 3,4

    This course is a continuation of Japanese 1,2. Students expand their ability to speak, understand, read, and write Japanese as well as their ability to appreciate the attitudes, values, and customs of... More

  32. Japanese 5,6

    This course represents a continuation of Japanese 3,4. Students expand their ability to speak, understand, read, and write Japanese as well as their ability to appreciate the attitudes, values, and cu... More

  33. Japanese 7,8

    This course represents a continuation of Japanese 5,6. Students develop sophisticated communication skills by listening and reading in a variety of styles, practicing oral conversation in class, and e... More

  34. Japanese Advanced Placement

    This course is an intense continuation of Japanese 5,6, intended to prepare students for the AP Japanese exam in May. Students practice extensive oral conversation in class; conduct presentations and ... More

  35. American Sign Language 1,2

    American Sign Language 1,2, a first-year ASL course, introduces students to five areas of linguistic and cultural acquisition planned for the coming four years. These areas are Content, Communication,... More

  36. American Sign Language 3,4

    American Sign Language 3,4 is a second year ASL course designed to build on the foundation of ASL 1,2. Students will continue to focus on five areas of linguistic and cultural acquisition: Content, Co... More

  37. American Sign Language 5,6

    American Sign Language 5,6, a third year ASL course, continues to expose students to five areas of language and cultural acquisition: Content, Communication, Cultures, Structures, and Settings. Studen... More

  38. American Sign Language 7,8

    American Sign Language 7,8, a fourth year ASL course, deepens student engagement with the five areas of linguistic and cultural acquisition: Content, Communication, Cultures, Structures, and Settings.... More

  39. Mandarin 3,4

    This course is designed for students who have completed one year of Mandarin or its equivalent. The curriculum emphasizes students’ ability to speak, understand, read, and write Chinese and develops a... More

  40. Mandarin 5,6

    This course is designed for students who have completed two years of Mandarin or its equivalent. It emphasizes students’ ability to speak, understand, read, and write Chinese and deepens their appreci... More

  41. Mandarin 7,8

    This level is tailored for students who demonstrate an intermediate mastery of Chinese. The primary goal of Mandarin 7,8 is to deepen students’ immersion into the language and the culture of the Chine... More

  42. Mandarin Advanced Placement

    The primary goal of Mandarin 7/8 / Chinese AP is to help students establish a solid foundation of vocabulary, grammar, knowledge of Chinese culture, and communication skills through listening, speakin... More

  43. Algebra 1,2

    Algebra 1,2 prepares students to solve, graph, and interpret the solutions to real world problems using linear equations and inequalities, exponential functions, and quadratic equations. Students wil... More

  44. Algebra 1,2 Honors

    Algebra 1,2Honors prepares students to solve, graph, and interpret the solutions to real world problems using linear equations and inequalities, exponential functions, and quadratic equations. Student... More

  45. Geometry 1,2

    Students completing this course will have mastered the fundamental concepts of plane geometry, properties of similarity, congruence, transformations, triangles, polygons, and circles. Studies will foc... More

  46. Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry 1,2

    By the end of this course, students will be able to solve algebra problems using rational, irrational and complex numbers. They will also be able to manipulate algebraic expressions and solve problems... More

  47. Advanced Algebra 1,2

    Students who complete this course will have mastered topics introduced during their first year of Algebra. They will also be able to solve problems involving linear equations, rational numbers, comple... More

  48. Trigonometry (one semester)

    Students completing this course will have the ability to write and solve problems using the six trigonometric functions. Students will also to be able to create and use the unit circle and all of its ... More

  49. Probability & Statistics (one semester)

    This semester course provides a foundation in elementary statistics for students who might take a statistics course in college. Topics include data collection and experiment design, exploratory data a... More

  50. Pre-Calculus 1,2

    This course is designed for students who wish to expand their knowledge of trigonometric functions. Students will use trigonometry in a variety of applications and word problems. Students completing t... More

  51. Statistics

    This yearlong course covers one semester of a college-level elementary statistics class. Topics include data collection and experiment design, exploratory data analysis (graphical and numerical techni... More

  52. Statistics 1,2 Advanced Placement

    This year-long course covers two semesters of a college-level elementary statistics class. Topics include data collection and experiment design, exploratory data analysis (graphical and numerical tech... More

  53. Calculus AB Advanced Placement

    At the end of this course, students will be able to solve problems involving conic sections, derivatives, integrals and their applications. Note: this course includes a summer assignment. Prerequisite... More

  54. Calculus BC Advanced Placement

    Students who complete this course will be able to solve problems involving sequences, series, power series, Taylor series, parametric equations, polar coordinates, analytic geometry, vectors, vector a... More

  55. Scripture 1,2

    This course begins with an introductory unit on Roman Catholicism and on critical literacy strategies for reading religious texts before surveying the history of the Hebrew people and the development ... More

  56. Church History 1,2

    This course begins with the New Testament infancy of the church and traces the church’s development through the centuries to the present day. Students examine church governance, images and models as t... More

  57. History of Christian Art 1,2

    This course satisfies graduation requirements for both Religious Studies and Visual & Performing Arts. The course explores the timeline and events in the rise of Christianity, while developing cri... More

  58. Ethics 1,2

    This course examines general ethical principles and their application in real world situations, the formation of a personal conscience, and stages of moral reasoning. In the light of Catholic Christia... More

  59. Human Sexuality (one semester)

    This course is designed to educate students about human sexuality emphasizing the Catholic Christian perspective. Topics include anatomy, sexual awareness, self-concept, sexual orientation, reproducti... More

  60. The Human Search for Meaning (one semester)

    This experiential course is designed to directly assist students in discovering how to create a life worth living — a life that is insightful, learned, creative, caring, ethical, resilient, engaged, a... More

  61. Comparative Religions (one Semester)

    Comparative Religions examines the major world religions amid their cultural and historical settings. Eastern faiths such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Shintoism, and Zoroastrianism are... More

  62. Lasallian/Vincentian Leadership 1,2

    The Lasallian/Vincentian Leadership class is for seniors interested in learning more about our school charisms and founders, the role of youth in lay ministry, and leadership methodology. This course ... More

  63. Mindfulness and the Contemplative Tradition (one semester)

    This elective will provide opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of prayer, spirituality, relationships with God and others, and to study the emerging science of mindfulness. The co... More

  64. Religious Themes in Literature and Films (one semester)

    Starting from beliefs in the sacramental nature of life and the metaphorical nature of art, this course will examine various theological ideas as expressed in fiction, poetry and film. Topics include ... More

  65. Theology of Service 1,2

    Students will explore the meaning and practice of justice and service by examining contemporary, philosophical and religious theories of justice with emphasis on Catholic social teaching. Each week, s... More

  66. Senior Seminar 1,2

    This interdisciplinary seminar, incorporating selected writings from classical and contemporary theologians, philosophers, economists, artists and historians, invites students to converse about and wi... More

  67. Biology 1,2

    Through student-centered activities such as laboratory experiments and group work, as well as some lecture presentation and reading, biology students explore and analyze the natural world. Students fo... More

  68. Biology Advanced Placement 1,2

    The AP Biology course is designed to be the equivalent of a two-semester college introductory biology course taken by biology majors during their first year. The topics covered are biochemistry, hered... More

  69. Chemistry 1,2

    Chemistry students investigate the properties of matter; the ways in which substances interact, combine, and change; and the use of processes to form new substances. Students learn through student-cen... More

  70. Chemistry 1,2 Honors

    In this course, students achieve all of the outcomes of Chemistry 1,2 but do so with a higher level of conceptualization and with more complex mathematical problem solving. This higher level of expect... More

  71. Physics C, Mechanics Advanced Placement

    The AP Physics C, Mechanics course develops students’ knowledge of physics, with topics including phenomenology, theories and techniques, concepts and generalizing principles, rotational kinematics an... More

  72. Marine Biology

    Through student-centered activities such as experimentation, research, field trips, and investigation, as well as some lecture presentation and reading, Marine Biology students survey marine environme... More

  73. Chemistry Advanced Placement

    The AP Chemistry course is designed to be the equivalent of the general chemistry course that is taken during the first year of college. Students in the course will attain a depth of understanding of ... More

  74. World History 1,2

    The World History course offers a general survey focused on the patterns of interaction and themes that define our world. The content of the course begins with the dawn of the modern era in the 1400s.... More

  75. United States History 1,2

    This preparatory course surveys United States history from pre-colonial beginnings through the twentieth century. Students will explore the foundations of the United States and its emergence as a worl... More

  76. United States History 1,2 Honors

    This course is designed to be an intensive survey of United States history beginning with the age of European colonization and culminating with the role of the United States as a world power. Emphasis... More

  77. United States History 1,2 - Advanced Placement

    This course is designed to provide students with analytical skills necessary to deal critically with the problems and developments of American history. It is designed to prepare students for the Advan... More

  78. Civics 1 (one semester)

    Civics is the study of American government with emphasis on the Constitution, the three major branches of the federal government, civil rights and civil liberties, and the roles and responsibilities o... More

  79. Economics 1 (one semester)

    This one-semester course in economics examines how individuals and groups confront and solve economic choices in relationship to scarcity and surplus, with particular attention to global economic issu... More

  80. Government & Politics 1,2 Advanced Placement

    AP U.S. Government and Politics is a college-level, year-long course that seeks not only to prepare students for success on the AP exam in May, but also to provide students with the political knowledg... More

  81. California and San Francisco History 1,2

    This year-long course examines the history of California and San Francisco. We study geography, natural resources, and the impact of immigration on the state. One significant focus of the course will ... More

  82. US Homefront: Mid-Twentieth Century (one semester)

    This one semester course examines a mid-twentieth century American society that had been transformed by the Second World War. To create a more accurate image of America and to enrich the students’ lea... More

  83. Modern America: 1945 - Present (one semester)

    This interdisciplinary course will examine the United States beginning with the post-World War II era. The focus will be on the Cold War and its impact on modern and domestic developments in the Unite... More

  84. Psychology (one semester)

    This course is for those interested in the study of human behavior and mental processes. Students will be introduced to the major approaches within Psychology, becoming familiar with concepts includi... More

  85. Psychology 1,2 Advanced Placement

    This course is specifically designed to prepare the student with the skills necessary to pass the Advanced Placement Exam in Psychology. It will survey psychology from its earliest foundations to its ... More

  86. Sociology (one semester)

    Sociological concepts are used to examine daily life in contemporary society. This course will include an overview of the causes, characteristics, and responses to social problems in the United States... More

  87. Race and Culture (one semester)

    This course will offer an in-depth look at societal issues as they affect racial and ethnic groups in the United States, a nation of many peoples. Students will study cultural differences among groups... More

  88. Criminal Justice (one semester)

    The course is an examination of the criminal justice system, including criminal law, crime, the police and their roles, and policing topics such as profiling, use of force, police discretion, and arre... More

  89. Human Geography Advanced Placement

    AP Human Geography introduces students to the systematic study of patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding, use, and alteration of Earth’s surface. Students employ spatial concepts ... More

  90. Art 1,2

    This course introduces students to various media and projects to build a foundation for creating visual art. Students will explore both traditional and contemporary art through drawing, painting, scul... More

  91. Music Appreciation

    Music Appreciation is designed to be an introduction to various musical genres, both western and non-western, including classical, jazz, rock, world music, and popular styles.  There are no prerequisi... More

  92. Instrumental Music

    Instrumental Music is designed to allow students to discover the world of music through hands-on work with instruments.  This class will introduce beginners to music fundamentals including playing by ... More

  93. Acting 1,2

    This course provides the beginning actor with a thorough introduction to the actor’s craft. Explorations in improvisation, theater games, pantomime, dramatic criticism, reader’s theater, monologue wor... More

  94. Fundamentals of Dance Technique 1,2

    This course will introduce students to the historical background and cultural relevance of various dance forms and traditions through technique classes, lecture, video footage, written assignments, an... More

  95. Art 3,4

    This intermediate art course is designed to emphasize in-depth drawing, painting, and sculpture through complex studio projects.  Students will enhance their ability to analyze and understand their ow... More

  96. Studio Art Advanced Placement (Photography)

    This course will facilitate students in creating a photography portfolio. The portfolio will be submitted to the College Board and will include quality (demonstrating excellence), concentration (in-de... More

  97. Art History Advanced Placement 1,2 (Blended)

    AP Art History is a course that develops students’ understanding and knowledge of diverse historical and cultural contexts of architecture, sculpture, painting and other media.  Students will examine ... More

  98. Digital Photography 1,2

    This course will cover the basic elements of digital photography and design. Students will study the formal, expressive and aesthetic properties of photographic art. They will closely examine the hist... More

  99. Concert Choir 1,2

    Concert Choir is designed to develop skills so that students can perform intermediate level literature from various selected musical genres. In addition to the techniques of rehearsal and performance,... More

  100. Concert Choir 3,4

    Concert Choir is specifically for those who have completed Concert Choir 1,2. The choir performs intermediate- to advanced-level literature from various selected music genres.  In addition to the tech... More

  101. Concert Choir 5,6

    This course is specifically designed for those who have completed Concert Choir 3,4.  The choir performs advanced level literature from various selected music genres.  In addition to the techniques of... More

  102. Chamber Ensemble 1,2

    This course is designed to develop student skills in an elite vocal ensemble which performs advanced level literature from various selected areas of musical history, from chamber music through the cla... More

  103. Chamber Ensemble 3,4

    This course is designed for students who have completed Chamber Ensemble 1,2.  It is a course for an elite vocal ensemble which performs advanced level literature from various selected areas of musica... More

  104. Women’s Choir 1,2

    This is a women’s ensemble designed for all levels of vocal ability and musicianship skills. The course provides an opportunity to developing music reading skills, vocal technique, ensemble technique,... More

  105. Vocal Jazz 1,2

    Vocal Jazz is a very elite, small choral performing group which gives students experience in singing jazz music. This jazz choir performs material from various periods of musical history, including ja... More

  106. String Ensemble 1,2

    The String Ensemble is a performing ensemble for violin, viola, cello, and double bass players. Students develop their technique and musicianship through technical exercises, rehearsal, performance, a... More

  107. Music Theory Advanced Placement 1,2

    Music Theory AP integrates aspects of melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, form, musical analysis, elementary composition, history and style.  Musicianship skills such as dictation, sight singing, and ke... More

  108. Advanced Acting 1,2

    Advanced Acting students will learn the history and cultural backgrounds of world theatre, specifically European, Greek, Latino and Asian theatre. Student actors will explore universal theatrical voca... More

  109. Introduction to Physical Activity (one semester)

    During Intro to Physical Activity, Frosh will spend three days at six different stations: weight training, cardio, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, badminton, and baseball/softball.   Students will devel... More

  110. Computer Programming in Visual Basic 6.0

    Computer Programming is a class in Visual Basic 6.0, a programming language that includes problem solving, program logic and design techniques of an event-driven language.  Students will study a langu... More

  111. Graphic Journalism 1,2

    This is a two-semester commitment to the layout and publication of SHC’s award-winning yearbook - requiring much time during lunch breaks and after school.  Students will learn computer layout and des... More

  112. Library Aide 1,2

    This course is designed to provide experience in the library and with various media, including the use of digital catalogs, audio-visual equipment, and computer network. Students will work with Office... More

  113. Office Assistant 1,2

    Students enrolling in this course refine their communications skills as assistants to the attendance staff. Students learn filing skills and conduct basic database inquiries.... More

  114. Revolutionary Women’s Literature (one semester)

    Revolutionary Women’s Literature takes a scholarly approach to the appreciation and understanding of the impact American female writers have made on American literature and social history. The course ... More

  115. The Literature of the Graphic Novel: Storytelling in a Visual Age (one semester)

    Before humankind invented written language, we told stories with pictures, evidenced by the crude drawings found on caves walls in southern France and Spain. As written language evolved and became the... More

  116. Women in Scripture (one semester)

    The course explores the pivotal contributions of major and minor women in the Old and New Testament. Students will study the impact of these women on both Judaism and Christianity, and will explore th... More

  117. European History Advanced Placement 1,2

    AP European History offers a yearlong survey of European history from the Renaissance to the present, teaching students analytical, research and study skills. Its purposes are to prepare students for ... More

  118. World History Advanced Placement 1,2

    This course is designed as a broad introduction to the six major chronological periods of World History, from prehistory to the present, prompting students to make connections across broad historical ... More

  119. Jazz Ensemble 1,2

    In Jazz Ensemble, advanced instrumental students learn the art of improvisation in the various styles of the jazz idiom, including swing, rock, funk, and Latin. Students perform regularly in concerts,... More

  120. Physics 1,2

    Physics provides students the conceptual understanding and procedural fluency to make both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the physical world. Students will use knowledge of fundamental princ... More

  121. Design 1,2

    Design 1 introduces students to 2-dimensional design elements, principles and techniques.  Students utilize a range of media such as charcoal, ink, acrylic, pastel, paper, and print materials to explo... More

  122. Advanced Physical Education (one semester)

    Advanced PE is a semester-long elective course for any tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade student, designed for students to work on skill development, exercise, and activity. Each student will be engage... More

  123. Advanced Fitness (one semester)

    Advanced Fitness is a semester-long elective course for any 10th, 11th, or 12th grade student, designed for students to develop skills and knowledge related to fitness. Activities include yoga, body s... More

  124. African-American Literature (one semester)

    This semester length course will examine several classic African American writers, with a particular eye towards the use of writing to address social change, oppression, and the examination of the sel... More

  125. Advanced Pre-Calculus 1,2

    Students completing this course will have an in-depth grasp of elementary functions and their graphs, analytic trigonometry, plane analytic geometry, sequences, series and limits.  The course also inc... More

  126. Calculus 1,2

    This course is designed for students who wish to continue to study the concepts of Pre-Calculus through an introduction to differential and integral calculus. Emphasis will be placed on limits, contin... More

  127. Mandarin 1,2

    This course is designed for students with limited or no foundation in the Mandarin language. The course emphasizes students’ ability to speak, understand, read, and write Chinese and develops an appre... More

  128. Poetry (one semester, blended)

    Poetry asks students to engage deeply with a broad expanse of poems, building upon knowledge and skills learned in earlier English courses. This course will examine the elements of poetry - images, fi... More

  129. Expository Reading and Writing (yearlong)

    Designed by university faculty, the Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) is a college preparatory, rhetoric-based English language arts course designed to develop academic literacy, or advance... More

  130. Engineering & Physics 1,2: Making, Hacking & Tinkering

    Physics & Engineering: Making, Hacking, and Tinkering is a high school-level course that exposes students to some of the major concepts and practices of engineering. The curriculum includes Civil ... More

  131. Advanced Dance & Composition 3,4

    This course develops the principles of choreography and the elements of dance for intermediate and advanced dancers, guiding them to find their own voices as choreographers. The course’s foremost obje... More

  132. Chamber Choir Honors 1,2

    Chamber Choir Honors is an elite, small choral performing group which gives students experience in singing chamber and jazz music. This honors choir performs material from various periods of musical h... More

  133. Concert Band 1,2 Honors

    Concert Band Honors students play in both the Jazz Ensemble and the Concert Band or String Ensemble (see course descriptions below). In Jazz Ensemble, advanced instrumental students will learn the ar... More

  134. Environmental Science Advanced Placement 1,2

    The AP Environmental Science course is a full-year course designed to be the equivalent of an introductory college course in Environmental Science. Environmental Science covers a wide range of topics... More

  135. Honors Biology 1,2

    Students in Honors Biology will develop an understanding of key concepts that will build upon students’ understanding of disciplinary core ideas, science and engineering practices. The course touches ... More

  136. Magic Realism (one semester)

    This course explores the genre of literature known as Magical Realism, and requires readers to willingly suspend their disbelief of the fantastic and supernatural, and instead accept as the framework ... More

  137. World Literature (one semester)

    This course explores the literary, geographical, political, and cultural influence that land and place can have on narrative, content and style. It then dives into questions that offer multiple answer... More

  138. AP Computer Science in Java

    AP Computer Science in Java  AP Computer Science in Java is a year-long course designed to help students master the basics of Java and equip them to successfully pass the College Board AP Computer Sci... More

  139. AP Computer Science Principles

    AP Computer Science Principles is a year-long course that gives students the opportunity to explore several important topics of computing using their own ideas and creativity, to use the power of comp... More

  140. AP Comparative Government & Politics

    This year-long elective course exams various theoretical models of the structures and functions of political systems. It aims to illustrate the rich diversity of political life, to show available inst... More

  141. Without a Home, But Not Without Heart

    By John Vigo ’81 Remember the name Michael Del Debbio, for he deserves to be remembered. Michael died of cancer this past spring. A life-long learner and holder of two college degrees, Michael was h... More

  142. A Clean Well-Lighted Library, but Far More

    By Brother Joseph Fabiano, FSC When I arrived in 1966 the school library was slightly larger than a regular classroom with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. That library was situated on the first floor b... More

  143. SHC Eliminates 100,000 Plastic Bottles

    Over the past couple of years SHC has grown in its commitment to environmental sustainability and world-consciousness. We see this today as the original hydration station located in the Sister Teresa ... More

  144. Serving It Up, On and Off the Volleyball Court

    By Madison Wong ’15 At SHC, our mission is “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve.” This past weekend the girls varsity volleyball teams of St. Mary’s College High School, Justin Siena High School, Christia... More

  145. The Varelas: SHC Family of 10

    Rafael Varela and his wife, Lilia, have sent each of their eight children to SHC. Their love for SHC grows with each child, a testament to the school’s important role in the development of each of the... More

  146. Homecoming Spirit Week 2014

    Sacred Heart Cathedral celebrated Spirit Week 2014 with a new themed dress code each day, along with lunchtime games and treats, and of course culminating with the Fall Sports Rally and football game ... More

  147. With Flying Colors: LOTE AP Test

    Congratulations to our Languages Other Than English students who garnered stellar results for the 2014 College Board Advanced Placement tests! Our French, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish students c... More

  148. Cross Country’s Cross Country Trip

    [caption id="attachment_369871" align="aligncenter" width="350"] DAY 1: Thursday, October 9, 2014 - After meeting at 9 am at SFO, the team lands in Detroit for a transfer to New York City.[/caption] ... More

  149. Top 5 Reasons to Leave California for College

    From the unbeatable weather year-round to the tremendous diversity of people and culture (and hundreds of other reasons), California is widely recognized as one of the top states in which to live. In ... More

  150. Elizabeth Quinlan ’10 On the Complexity of Service

    Elizabeth Quinlan ’10 shares what she discovered as a Princeton in Africa Fellow, and the ways in which Leaving to Serve surprised and challenged her. When I think of my last day of high school in ... More

  151. Irish For a Day: Behind the Scenes at SHC

    David, a Saint Cecilia’s 8th grader, shares his experience as "Irish for a Day" at SHC! When I first entered SHC for the Irish for a Day Program, I was overwhelmed by the sea of high schoolers. Com... More

  152. Physics Students Visit Levi’s Stadium

    SHC physics students visited Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, for a STEM-based tour with SHC parent and Chief Engineer Brent Frew. Enjoy these snapshots of their behind-the-scenes visi... More

  153. When Five Hundred is Worth a Million

    Kevin Buckley ’13 became the first senior in the history of SHC to receive a standing ovation at graduation. His fellow classmates rose to their feet after his name was announced as the winner of the ... More

  154. Student Photography at Spiro Coffee

    Work from SHC’s Advanced Placement Studio Art for Photography class is currently on exhibition at Spiro Coffee on Van Ness at Willow Street! The show entitled Places invites viewers to take a journey ... More

  155. LOTE Decks the Halls

    SHC’s Languages Other Than English Department has many reasons to celebrate their students’ successes this holiday season. Over the course of this semester, LOTE juniors participated in nearly 3,000 h... More

  156. New Year’s Resolution

    On January 1st of last year, I decided to begin a New Year’s resolution called 365 Days of Gratitude. Typically, like most people, I do not last very long when I commit to a resolution, but I decided ... More

  157. Schoology: It’s Not Just for Classes

    By Andy Chan As a coach, I really enjoy using Schoology, SHC’s learning management system, to communicate with Cross Country and Track & Field student-athletes and their parents. Schoology allows... More

  158. Volunteering with a View

    A group of SHC Students volunteered with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy at Lands End this month, and they were treated to spectacular views while giving back to the community. Thanks to... More

  159. Kairos: Our Best-Kept Secret

    Today, 37 SHC seniors returned from the Presentation Center in Los Gatos to campus proudly wearing their Kairos medals and  "Live the Fourth" shirts after attending their four-day Kairos retreat.  Kai... More

  160. SHC at the National Science Teachers Association Conference

    by Phi Le The goal of the SHC Science Department is to inspire and produce the next generation of scientists, and to foster and cultivate scientific literacy. We want to empower our graduates to make... More

  161. Animal Behavior: SHC & The San Francisco Zoo

    By Kirsten Weihl What do squirrel monkey behavior studies, “painting the river green,” and people running around with periodic table t-shirts have in common? The annual National Science Teacher Confe... More

  162. The Smiles of Zimbabwe

    by Tess Murphy ’07 When I was placed in Africa for my Kiva fellowship, I quickly realized I didn’t know anything about Zimbabwe. I didn’t really know much about any of the countries I wrote down, I j... More

  163. 2015 Kiva Carnival

    [gallery ids="|,|, More

  164. A Passion for History: National History Day

    by Emily Tam ’17 National History Day is a competition for middle and high schoolers, created to ensure that future generations of students stay interested in history education. Entries in this compe... More

  165. School’s Out for Summer!

    The fun doesn’t stop on campus during the summer! SHC is bustling with activity—from our Summer Institute campers and De Marillac students to our Jumpstarters, learning continues all year long. Enjoy ... More

  166. Durant Visits the Fightin’ Irish Basketball Camp

    When you’re 6’9" and 240 pounds, people tend to notice when you enter a room. When you’re a Naismith College Basketball Player of the Year award winner, NBA Rookie of the Year, 6-time NBA All-Star, Ol... More

  167. A Single Droplet: Precious Listana ’15 Makes a Global Impact

    Before she heads to the University of California at Berkeley this fall, Precious Listana ’15 is making her mark in the international community as an esteemed Borlaug-Ruan Intern, working with Internat... More

  168. Let America be the Dream the Dreamers Dreamed

    Last week, I had the incredible honor of attending the San Francisco Labor Council Pre-Labor Day Annual Breakfast, in which 350-400 labor leaders convened to discuss various significant labor campaign... More

  169. Back to School, Again

    Backpack filled with blank paper, several pens, and the required readings? Check. Clean shirt and pants pressed? Check. Class syllabus reviewed at least 10 times? Check. Butterflies in the stomach? Ch... More

  170. SHC Sports Gives Back

    The SHC community was pleased to receive a letter recently commending the volleyball and lacrosseprograms for their work at St. Anne’s Home over thelast five years during its bi-annual Rummage Sale. "... More

  171. Students Volunteer for US Catholic China Bureau Conference

  172. "Museum" Enters Final Week

  173. Q&A with Sr. Pacita Calica, DC

    ... More

  174. Yasemin Ergul ’19: International Figure Skater

    ... More

  175. SHC Spoken Word: The Voice of Urban Youth

  176. Class of 2016 Commencement Speeches

  177. Julianne Cravotto ’15: 2016 Fulbright Summer Institute Participant

    Read more... More

  178. SHC in Japan!

  179. Todos somos Peregrinos

  180. The Impossible Burger: A lesson in environmental stewardship

  181. SHC Visits Dolby Laboratories

      SHC Inquiry & Innovation students recently visited Dolby Laboratories, Inc. for a behind-the-scenes tour of their facilities and an exclusive look at the science behind their new sound technolo... More

  182. SHC @ Twitter

  183. SHC’s Award-Winning Yearbook Staff Goes to Camp!

  184. Summer Fun @ SHC

    Our campus has been buzzing with energy and excitement all summer long thanks to SHC Summer Institute! Each summer, SHC offers a series of one-week enrichment courses from rising 5-9th graders and spo... More

  185. The Bruce-Mahoney Trophy is Almost Home!

  186. Spoken Word Event Inspires

  187. Service-Learning at St. Anthony’s

  188. Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

  189. Remembering Lou Meyer ’55

    by Dr. Ken Hogarty ’66 Lou was already a teacher at SH when I started in September of 1962 and had become Vice-Principal for Academics by the time I graduated in June of 1966. From that point until I ... More

  190. Men’s Volleyball Wins First Ever CCS Title

    The Irish men’s volleyball team won their first ever CCS title Tuesday, May 15, beating the top-seeded Mt. Madonna School in straight games at Independence High School. The third-seeded Irish had to ... More

  191. Wang Wins USRowing National Championship

    Jeffrey Wang ’13 teamed up with Jovanni Stefani (Lowell High School ’14) to win the USRowing Youth National Championship in the Lighweight 2x division. Wang and Stefani entered the finals as the top ... More

  192. Honoring the Class of 2012

    Honoring a 160-year tradition of educating young men and women in the heart of the city, we celebrate the graduates of the Class of 2012, the 25th commencement of Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. ... More

  193. SHC Mourns the Loss of Bob Marshal ’52

    Great friend and former San Bruno mayor Bob Marshall ’52 passed away on Tuesday, May 8. Sacred Heart Cathedral asks members of the community to keep the Marshall family in your prayers during this dif... More

  194. Fightin’ Irish Spring Athletes Named All-League

      The All-WCAL and All-WBAL teams have been announced for the spring season and the Irish are well represented on the lists of the leagues’ best student-athletes, with 15 young men and women being hon... More

  195. Fox and Johns Sign to Play Basketball at UC Riverside

    Josh Fox ’12 and Taylor Johns ’12 signed Letters of Intent on April 24 to both play basketball at the University of California, Riverside. Fox and Johns starred alongside one another in their years at... More

  196. Vance DeVost ’65 SF Symphony Stage Manager Takes a Bow

    After 25 years with the San Francisco Symphony, stage manager Vance DeVost ’65 saved his toughest tour for last. He is retiring if he makes it back from Carnegie Hall, where the Symphony wrapped up it... More

  197. Fightin’ Irish Basketball Postseason Honors

    Josh Fox ’12 and Taylor Johns ’12 are finally getting some pats on their backs after carrying the Fightin’ Irish on them all the way to Sacramento. Fox and Johns earned first and second team honors, ... More

  198. President Obama Nominates Troy Nunley ’82 to Serve on US District Court

    On Monday, June 25, 2012, President Obama nominated Judge Sheri Polster Chappell, Judge Katherine Polk Failla and Judge Troy L. Nunley ’82 to serve on the United States District Court. “I am pleased ... More

  199. Russell Takes The Helm of SHC Women’s Basketball

    Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is pleased to announce the appointment of LyRyan Russell ’97 as our new head girls varsity basketball coach. Russell played professional basketball in Germany for si... More

  200. Summer Institute Sports Journalists Visit AT&T Park

    The SHC Summer Institute Sports Writing & Digital Media class spent the day touring AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, and occasionally the home of SHC baseball and football. With no... More

  201. Summer Institute Sports Writing & Digital Media: Wimbledon and SHC Boys Soccer

    Friday morning, the SHC Summer Institute Sports Writing & Digital Media crew spent time tweeting during the Wimbledon semifinal match between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Andy Murray. They also spent th... More

  202. Tina Kefalas ’95 to Compete in Olympic Marathon

    On July 27th, we will all be sitting around the TV, watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games in London. We will all watch, albeit a little bit bored, and listen to Bob Costas wittily descr... More

  203. Summer Institute Sports Writing & Digital Media: SHC Hall of Fame Baseball Academy

    Read what students in SHC’s Summer Institute class on Sports Writing & Digital Media have to say: Sports Media Writing Camp Carmel Gisslow Mr. Nuttall’s Sports Media Writing and Digital Media cla... More

  204. Summer Institute Sports Writing & Digital Media: SHC Summer Golf and Football Camps

    Read what students in SHC’s Summer Institute class on Sports Writing & Digital Media have to say: Summer Golf Camp James Bajamundi Curtis Chan ‘13 started playing golf when he was in the 7th grad... More

  205. SHC’s Summer Institute Game Design Students Visit Twitter

    Students from Sacred Heart Cathedral’s Game Design class visited Twitter on Thursday, July 19th to share their 2D video game projects with a group of engineers at their new campus on Market Street. St... More

  206. 2012 Lasallian Educator and Vincentian Service Award

    Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is proud to announce the 2012 Lasallian Educator Award to Tom Farrell and the Vincentian Service Award to Brother Joseph, FSC. Tom Farrell, the 2012 Lasallian Award... More

  207. Welcome Sr. Jean Marie, D.C., and Brother Roberto to the SHC Community

    Sacred Heart Cathedral is pleased to introduce the newest members of our community, Sister Jean Marie Williams, DC and Brother Roberto Martinez. Sr. Jean Marie Williams, DC has a master’s degree in r... More

  208. SHC Students Make Queen Isabella Court

    Sacred Heart Cathedral students Angelina Ragusa ’13 and Gabriella Firpo ’14 have been selected to the 2011 Queen Isabella Court. Members of the Court participate in San Francisco Italian heritage even... More

  209. Dominicans Honor SHC Leaders with Archbishop Alemany Award

    2014 Archbishop Alemany Awards This May, the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology honored four individuals who have distinguished themselves by exemplary service to the Church with the Archbish... More

  210. SHC Hosts San Francisco Google Summit

    On June 11, 12 and 13, SHC partnered with Educational Collaborators, an edtech consulting firm, to host more than 200 Bay Area educators and administrators. The conference featured more than 40 concur... More

  211. SHC Welcomes Interim President Brother Ronald Gallagher, FSC

    On behalf of the Daughters of Charity and the De La Salle Christian Brothers, SHC is pleased to announce that Brother Ronald Gallagher, FSC, will join our community as interim president. Former presid... More

  212. SHC De Paul Scholars Experience Stanford University

    SHC is fortunate to have a vast alumni network that remains engaged with our community long after graduation day. Case in point: Dr. Michael Rouan ’82. Current SHC De Paul Scholars connected with Dr. ... More

  213. Brother Patrick Martin ’96 & Brother Roberto Martinez Take First Vows

    On Saturday, August 2, 2014, SHC alumnus Brother Patrick Martin ’96 (right) and Instructor of Religious Studies Brother Roberto Martinez (middle) pronounced first vows as members of the Institute of t... More

  214. Science Facilities Revamp

    Phase two of SHC’s three-phase science facility remodel completed in time for the start of the 2014-15 academic year. Existing classrooms in the La Salle Academic Building underwent an incredible fac... More

  215. SHC Loses One of Our Own

    SHC mourns the tragic loss of a 14-year-old in our community. The freshman member of the SHC Freshman Football Team passed away at San Francisco General Hospital yesterday evening. According to th... More

  216. Update and Opportunity to Support Williams Family

    We continue to be overwhelmed by the love and support all of you have provided in the past few days. Thank you. President Brother Ron Gallagher, Chaplain Father Mark Doherty ’98 and Principal Gary ... More

  217. Funeral Mass for Rashawn Williams this Thursday

    Organized by the family, these services celebrate the life and mourn the death of Rashawn Williams. All are welcome. Visitation & Vigil Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Visitation Hours—4:00 – 9:00 P... More

  218. Precious Listana ’15 Appointed to San Francisco Youth Commission

    SHC senior Precious Listana ’15 was sworn into service as the San Francisco District 6 Youth Commissioner by Major Ed Lee at a City Hall ceremony this week. Precious joins 16 other Youth Commissioners... More

  219. SHC Celebrates Marian Daly ’45

    SHC celebrates the life of Marian Daly ’45, St. Vincent’s graduate and long-time supporter of the Daughters of Charity. With her recent passing, we commemorate her life, faith and dedication to her al... More

  220. SHC Hosts IntegratED

    SHC is proud to host the integratED conference, a gathering for educators and administrators from all over the country who integrate technology into the classroom, on October 3 and 4. The conference i... More

  221. TEDxYouth@SHC

    SHC is pleased to announce the inaugural TEDxYouth@SHC event taking place on January 17, 2015. This event, created by and for the young people of San Francisco, invites local youth to apply to partici... More

  222. SHC Alums Produce "Muse of Fire"

    SHC alumni Daniel McElroy ’13 and Sophia Cannata-Bowman ’13 team up as the producing and directing team of Muse of Fire, a new work by writer Jake Rosenberg. The play exposes the secret lives of A... More

  223. Gavrielle Thompson ’15: A Student Rising Above

    SHC congratulates Piro Scholar Gavrielle Thompson ’15 for her acceptance into the Students Rising Above Program! Founded by local news anchor Wendy Tokuda and Community Relations Manager Javier Valen... More

  224. Jose Antonio Vargas to Visit SHC

    Jose Antonio Vargas, documentary filmmaker and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who bravely "outed" himself as an undocumented American, will speak to an intimate gathering of students and faculty at... More

  225. SHC Girls Volleyball Wins State Title

    SHC won the CIF Division III championship last Saturday by sweeping the Southern California champion in straight sets (25-15, 25-19, 25-23). This is the first State title in the storied history of the... More

  226. TEDxYouth@SHC Speakers Announced!

  227. Don Fisher Clubhouse to Serve as SHC Home Pool

    Sharing in a mission to provide opportunities for San Francisco youth, SHC and the Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco continue a decade-long partnership with the opening of the Don Fisher Clubhous... More

  228. A Dream for All SHC Students

    Chair of the Board of Regents Charles Love shares his vision of the spiritual and intellectual journey offered each student at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory at our Martin Luther King, Jr. Praye... More

  229. Letter from President Brother Ronald Gallagher, FSC, PhD

      To the Sacred Heart Cathedral Community: Inspired by our Catholic Lasallian Vincentian tradition and in cooperation with the San Francisco Archdiocese, SHC fulfills our mission by guiding our stud... More

  230. Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep’s new marching band courting success - San Francisco Chronicle

    Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep’s new marching band courting success By Sam Whiting February 18, 2015 The San Francisco Chronicle A 22-piece marching band will get lost on a football field at halftime. B... More

  231. SHC Leads the Way: Pioneers in 21st Century Learning

    by Clarissa Mendiola Originally published in Second Century Winter 2015. The classroom of yesterday is gone—no more rows of students slumped in chairs as a teacher lectures at the head of the class.... More

  232. Thomas Awaipo Shares About World Hunger at SHC

    Thomas Awaipo Shares About World Hunger at SHC Rice Bowl beneficiary: Hunger is world’s ‘greatest evil’ March 4th, 2015 by Christina Gray Catholic San Francisco Ghana-born orphan Thomas Awaipo wasn’t... More

  233. Precious Listana ’15 Awarded Prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship

    Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is proud to announce the recent naming of Precious Listana ’15 as a Gates Millennium Scholar. The GMS Class of 2015 applicant pool consisted of 57,000 hopeful high s... More

  234. Lip Dub 2015 is HERE

  235. Congratulations Class of 2015!

    On behalf of the entire SHC community, congratulations to the Class of 2015! Our newest graduates join a vast community of proud alumni and bring their Lasallian and Vincentian values into the wor... More

  236. Food Service Partner Epicurean Group Welcomed to SHC

    Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is proud to announce its partnership with Epicurean Group. Epicurean, a food service management company dedicated to sourcing local, fresh, seasonal and organic ... More

  237. Students Honored with Inaugural Brad Parker Award

    The Brad Parker Award for Excellence in Technical Theater was established this year to honor SHC students who demonstrate outstanding leadership, technical expertise and commitment to excellence in al... More

  238. Top of the Class: Alumni leaders continue to serve in medicine, education and science

    By Clarissa Mendiola Originally published in Second Century Summer 2015. Heralded as leaders and honored for their academic achievement and commitment to Lasallian and Vincentian values, valedictori... More

  239. Kiva Student-Leaders Explore Guatemala

    This summer, five SHC Kiva Service-Learning Project leaders for the Class of 2016 visited Guatemala and explored volcanos and lakes, Mayan ruins, microfinance institutions, fair trade weaving collecti... More

  240. Welcome Back SHC!

    Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is thrilled to welcome students, faculty and staff back to campus for the 2015-16 academic year. We celebrate our accomplishments leading into this school year ... More

  241. Buster Posey Kicks Off SHC Healthy Habits Assembly

    Read more... More

  242. President Gives Pope the Key to the Home of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

    Upon Pope Francis’ arrival at the White House today, President Barack Obama presented him with the original key to the home of Sacred Heart Cathedral founder and the first saint from the United State... More

  243. Coach Beima Honored on Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area

    ... More

  244. 2015 Alumni Games

  245. SHC Assistant Principal Donates Kidney to Former Student

  246. SHC Honors Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

  247. Jerry Mahoney ’44 Inducted into SF Prep Hall of Fame

  248. Sawyer Dobson ’19 Wins Change the Game Competition

  249. SHC Welcomes Danny Glover as Keynote Speaker

  250. SHC Students Pilgrimage to Mexico for Papal Mass

  251. Liam Carey Named Inquiry & Innovation Program Director

    Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is pleased to announce the appointment of Liam Carey as the next Director of the Inquiry & Innovation (I2) Program. A current member of the SHC faculty, Mr. Care... More

  252. The Fightin’ Irish in Rio

  253. Yale to host STEM forum at SHC

  254. Inaugural Bay Area Lasallian Symposium brings together West Coast Lasallian Educators

  255. SHC Announces Margi Beima as New Director of Community Learning Partnerships Program

  256. 2017 Lasallian Vincentian Alumni Award Winners

    Congratulations to the four recipients of the 2017 Lasallian Vincentian Alumni Awards: Joseph Kennedy ’65, Rosemarie Lawlor Horan ’65, Hon. Troy Nunley ’82, and Alexandra Christ ’92. Every other year,... More

  257. SHC Announces New Director of De Paul Scholar Program

    Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is proud to announce the appointment of Nicholas Hren as the new director of the De Paul Scholar Program. Nicholas will succeed outgoing director and former principa... More

  258. SHC Presidential Search

  259. SHC Announces New President

    Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Melinda Lawlor Skrade as its new president. Dr. Skrade will assume the role in July 2018. Melinda comes to SHC from Pop... More

  260. TEDxYouth@SHC

    TEDxYouth@SHC aims to celebrate the voices of the youth who struggle, flourish, grow and learn the unique San Francisco urban landscape. Given the quickly changing demographic, characteristic social, ... More

  261. Irish for a Day

    Calling all 8th Graders! We invite you to experience a day-in-the-life of an SHC student! Meet and engage with our experienced faculty, tour our campus, and connect with our student ambassadors as an ... More

  262. Grab A Crab · Annual Crab Feed Dinner

    SHC Crab Feed reimagined: we are converting our annual Crab Feed to a drive-through Grab a Crab event! Families will be able to purchase the meals and then drive up to school, pick them up, and take ... More

  263. De Paul Scholar Reunion

    Dr. Ken Hogarty ’66 and the Planning Committee invite you and fellow scholars back to campus to celebrate the success of the De Paul Scholar Program on Saturday, June 4, 2016. Come and participate in ... More

  264. Gold Diploma Celebration

    The Christian Brothers, Daughters of Charity, and Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory cordially invite you to attend the Mass & Gold Diploma Ceremony on Saturday, April 14. Join us as we honor th... More

  265. Family Dance

    The SHC Parents Association invites you to the 2017 Family Dance! Grab your 1960s gear and dance the night away. Light refreshments will be served. Cost is $20 per family. RSVP today!... More

  266. Alumni Volleyball Social

    SHC Volleyball alumni are invited to join us for a pregame social before the Fightin’ Irish suit up against Archbishop Mitty High School on Wednesday, October 16. The complimentary pre-game social wil... More

  267. We are Giant: SHC in the Big Leagues

    Join us for the next installment of the SHC Alumni Speaker Series on Monday, November 6, at 1:30 pm in the Sister Caroline Collins, DC, Theater. Meet SHC alumni who work in a variety of positions wi... More

  268. Alumni Basketball Games

    Join us for a night of athletics and entertainment at this year’s Alumni Basketball Games. Alumni, parents of current students and alumni, friends and all members of the SHC community are invited to j... More

  269. Spoken Word

    Join us on Friday, November 17 at 7 pm in the Sister Caroline Collins, DC, Theater for Spoken Word! Poets perform original pieces that illustrate their unique perspective as urban youth. Event moderat... More

  270. Behind the Screen

    Some of the greatest music ever created was composed for television, games and movies. Join the Concert Band, String Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Guitar Club, Percussion Club and our chamber groups for a ... More

  271. Athletic Hall of Fame

    Celebrating a long tradition of athletic excellence, the Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory Athletic Hall of Fame honors the exceptional achievements, leadership and values demonstrated by select indi... More

  272. Spring Musical: Mary Poppins

    Come join us on Cherry Tree Lane as the Banks family explores the magic and mystery of their new nanny, Mary Poppins. Whether you remember the original movie from 1964, or this is your first time expe... More

  273. Green Cooking

    Living in the Bay Area, we are surrounded by a seasonal bounty of foods. Help your family make the most of your surroundings by learning to think critically and creatively about the food you eat. Lear... More

  274. Studio Art

    Young artists will explore a diversity of expression through a range of mediums, playful exercises and fun-filled projects. Beginning and advanced students will get an opportunity to develop skills in... More

  275. Journalism

    SHC’s Journalism Camp immerses students in the dynamic, constantly evolving field of news and digital media. Students enrolled in this program will continually practice and apply writing and research ... More

  276. JavaScript

    This class introduces JavaScript to beginners. Students will learn the fundamentals and building blocks essential to all coding languages, including Conditionals, Loops, Variables and Functions, as we... More

  277. Mr. Ismael Ruiz

  278. Ms. Rachel Giovannetti ’05

  279. Mr. Mike Knapp

  280. Mr. Nicholas Michels

  281. Ms. Tiffany Basilio

  282. Mr. Spenser Morris

  283. Dr. Stewart Grace

  284. Mr. Ramiro Flores

  285. Mr. Dan Ingoglia

  286. Mr. Nick Hren

  287. Ms. Andreana Villa ’03

  288. Mr. Mark Pardini ’88

  289. Ms. Giselle Palacios-Delmundo ’94

  290. Ms. Michelle Ong

  291. Mr. Baptiste Genestin

  292. Ms. Leiana Payawal

  293. Dr. Yanfang Li

  294. Ms. Mariflor Medrano

  295. Mr. Hugo Ayala

  296. Ms. Nga Tran

  297. Mr. Jack Schindler ’09

  298. Ms. Sherie Lo Giudice ’06

  299. Ms. Mary Kate Del Campo

  300. Ms. Lucie Duffort

  301. Mr. Patrick Tangonan

  302. Dr. Alicia Tapia

  303. Ms. Amy Kleckner

  304. Mr. Paul Chiwarak

  305. Give to SHC

  306. Shay and Michael Black

  307. Gina Mulvey ’94

    Gina is an accomplished communications industry executive whose leadership in marketing and strategic partnerships has helped her to establish herself as world-wide influence for several multinational... More

  308. Robert Duarte ’57

    Retired Navy Chief Robert Duarte ’57 shares the story of his involvement with The Honor Flight Network, an organization that honors America’s veterans by transporting them to Washington, DC to visit t... More

  309. George Cosmos ’60

    For nearly six decades, George Cosmos ’60 touched the lives and hearts of thousands of members of the SHC community. As a student at Sacred Heart High School, a teacher, and SHC parent, Cosmos’ story ... More

  310. Mike Aicardi ’04 & Joe Della Cella ’98

    Growing up in North Beach and playing on the same cement diamonds as Joe DiMaggio, Mike Aicardi ’04 had a vision. He wanted to bring baseball back to the City. With the help of fellow SHC graduate Joe... More

  311. Gayle Pirie ’81

    Since 2001, chefs and co-owners Gayle Pirie ’81 and John Clark led Foreign Cinema to thirteen consecutive Top 100 rankings from the San Francisco Chronicle, and nominations from the James Beard Founda... More

  312. Daniel Cocilova ’71

    Sitting on a third of an acre in the pristine countryside of Napa, California is the increasingly popular Arbor Guest House; recently named the No. 2 bed and breakfast in the U.S. by Traveler’s Choice... More

  313. Anthony Silvestri ’09

    Anthony, Tony, the “Red Rifle.” Call him what you will, but don’t question his game. Standing at 6 feet, 7 inches tall, with firey red hair, Anthony Silvestri ’09 does not look like your typical Divis... More

  314. Chris Nunes ’92

    Whether working as an entertainment attorney, an award-winning technologist or as an entrepreneur, Chris Nunes ’92 has always been a lifelong learner with a passion for worldwide change. The former De... More

  315. Dr. Rose Lewis ’60

    A pioneer in plastic surgery, Dr. Rose Lewis ’60 holds the distinction as the first female African-American plastic surgeon in the world. From the University of California at Berkeley to running her o... More

  316. David Wheelock ’89

    Douglas Adams once wrote that “flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” While Adam’s tongue-in-cheek quote may appear trivial, the basic ethos of flying remains the same. David Wh... More

  317. Beverly Durham ’81

    From ice skating with Fred Flintstone, partying with Bart Simpson, touring the globe with the Harlem Globetrotters and managing Ronald McDonald, Beverly Durham ’81 has lived a life with numerous chara... More

  318. Danielle Lam ’07

    Newt Gingrich once said, "Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did." Life in politics can be an everyday hustle, but for Danielle Lam ’07, workin... More

  319. Jacob Wertz ’05

    It began with a goal; provide the best education to those who need it the most. The idea of starting a charter school at the age of 28 is no easy task, but Jacob Wertz ’05 is up to the challenge. The ... More

  320. Raymond Nann ’51

    As a high school senior at Sacred Heart, Ray Nann ’51 attended a retreat at the Jesuit Retreat Center (JRC)—then known as El Retiro—in Los Altos Hills. In fact, you can find a wonderful black and whit... More

  321. Joey Nevin ’01

    Joey Nevin ’01 serves as the director of sales and marketing for San Francisco Giants Enterprises. From the Opera at the Ballpark to the Bruce-Mahoney Baseball game at AT&T, Joey directs all new b... More

  322. Frozena Jerro ’88

    Building a career around sports can be a lifelong dream that few turn into a reality. For SHC Hall of Famer, Frozena Jerro ’88, her career as a coach has taken her across the country and world for the... More

  323. Chris Masoud ’08

    From SHC to the University of Notre Dame, Chris Masoud ’08 went out of his comfort zone and came back to the Bay Area with a new perspective on his life goals. What do you remember about high school? ... More

  324. Erin O’Connell ’92

    As the President of USRowing, Erin O’Connell ’92 is given the task of expanding rowing to all people and ensuring that the United States is successful in competition and expanding rowing in schools ac... More

  325. Chrissy Pringle ’08

    A Management Consultant in Chicago, Chrissy Pringle ’08 is adept at both assessing a company’s current performance and developing recommendations and models for its future success. From San Francisco ... More

  326. Rich Azzolino ’70

    What do you remember from your days at Sacred Heart? First of all, the camaraderie and friendships I created at SH are still very alive today. Anytime my classmates and I get together it feels as if w... More

  327. Elena Faddoul ’11

    From a university known for its worldly views to a company that builds to help people imagine, design and create a better world, Elena Faddoul ’11 is on journey of self-discovery for the betterment of... More

  328. Arnold Wong ’84

    Tell us about your time at Sacred Heart and growing up on Haight Street. I remember one of my favorite classes was mechanical drawing with Mr. Parlante. It always stood out to me as a class that was i... More

  329. René Picazo ’90

    From Georgetown University to Spain, London, New York City, and back to San Francisco, managing director and senior relationship manager for Wells Fargo René Picazo ’90 has had the opportunity to see ... More

  330. Ken Hogarty ’66

    Former principal, director of the De Paul Scholar Program, and a graduate of Sacred Heart Class of 1966, Dr. Ken Hogarty, sat down to discuss his journey at SHC over the last fifty years. What are you... More

  331. Dominick Bei ’02

    A Santa Monica fireman and candidate for city council, Dominick Bei took a moment to reminisce about his days at SHC and his plans to serve his community. What are some of your fondest SHC memories? I... More

  332. Nora Walsh-DeVries ’08

    Get to know Nora and her exciting career in politics as she works tirelessly in anticipation for this year’s Presidential election. What was your experience like at SHC? I loved the general focus of S... More

  333. Carl Reed ’92

    Carl Reed ’92 comes from a long family line of SHC graduates and brings his unique talents to our alumni community. After college, Carl took an unexpected career path and discovered his passion for sp... More

  334. Careers

  335. Applying to SHC

  336. Plan a Visit with SHC

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sacred Heart Cathedral, in collaboration with all other Catholic High Schools in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, will host all Fall and Winter events virtually. To lear... More

  337. Tuition & Aid

    Read more... More

  338. Transfer & International Students

    Read more... More

  339. Departments & Courses

  340. De Paul Scholar Program

  341. Academic Explorations

  342. Service Learning

    Read more... More

  343. Community Life

    ... More

  344. Chorus

    ... More

  345. Instrumental Music

  346. Fightin’ Irish Winter Sports Clinics

    ... More

  347. Events

    Read more... More

  348. Planned Giving

    ... More

  349. Tickets

  350. Retreats

    Read more... More

  351. Overview

    No Text here. This page redirects.... More

  352. Dance

    ... More

  353. Inquiry & Innovation Program

    Read more... More

  354. Calendars

    ... More

  355. Academic Calendar

  356. Alumni

    Read more... More

  357. Counseling & Advising

    Read more... More

  358. Daily Schedule

  359. La Salle Academy (grades 5-6)

  360. De Paul Academy (grades 7-9)

    ... More

  361. Lunch & Extended Care

    Read more... More

  362. Summer Institute Registration

  363. Mission & History

  364. Academics

  365. Educational Technology & BYOD

  366. Athletics

    Read more... More

  367. Leadership & Strategic Plan

    Read more... More

  368. About SHC

  369. Faculty & Staff Directory

  370. Contact Us

    ... More

  371. Admissions

  372. Student Resources for 2021-22

  373. Donors & Friends

    Read more... More

  374. Clubs & Organizations

  375. Summer Institute

  376. Transportation

  377. Our Community

  378. Parents

  379. Arts

  380. Theatre Company

  381. News

  382. Blog

  383. Shop Irish

  384. Current Students

    ... More

  385. Community Activities

    Read more... More

  386. Fightin’ Irish Sports Academy (Ages 9-14)

    Read more... More

  387. Future Students

  388. Library

    Read more... More

  389. Give Now

    Read more... More

  390. Community Business Partners

    SHC is grateful for the generosity of the corporate community. Partnering with SHC is wonderful investment in both the education and enrichment of our students and your business. By supporting SHC, ... More

  391. Ways to Support

  392. Fundraising Events

  393. Volunteer Opportunities

    Read more... More

  394. Alumni News

  395. Visual Arts

  396. Winter Workshops

      ... More

  397. Performing Arts Workshop

    Read more... More

  398. Honor Roll of Investors

  399. Stay Connected

    Let us know about a special trip, a new career or other big life event. We’d love to know about the promotion you just received, the new addition to your family, or where your vacation plans might tak... More

  400. 2021 Summer High School

    SHC Summer High School, which is only for SHC students, runs from June 7 through July 16, 2021. Our current plan is to offer in person instruction on our campus. The links for the course catalog and f... More

  401. College & University Placements

    Read more... More

  402. Theatre Company Past Performances

  403. Alumni Council

  404. Summer Institute Registration Wait List Form

  405. Alumni Profiles

  406. Lunch Menu

    Read more... More

  407. Athletics Hall of Fame

  408. Transfer Students

    Read more... More

  409. Transfer Student Orientation 2021-22

    Read more... More

  410. Robotics

  411. Winter Institute

  412. Publications

    Read more... More

  413. SHC Magazine

    Read more... More

  414. Second Century

    ... More

  415. Vision Book

    An informative publication for prospective students and their families. ... More

  416. Registrar

    The Office of the Registrar is here to assist you with your student records. If you have questions that are not addressed below, please email or call 415.775.6626 ext. 868 Click th... More

  417. Immersion & Service

  418. VENAVER

    VENAVER, “come and see,” are immersion trips that offer students, faculty and staff opportunities to participate in faith-based experiences in domestic and international communities. For each VENAVER ... More

  419. Student Launch Initiative

  420. Android More

  421. iPhone More

  422. Kiva Service-Learning in Guatemala: Day 1

    by Marika Dy ’16 As a Kiva Student-Leader, I was so excited to travel to Guatemala to see how microfinance works in the economic and cultural structure of the country. Our first day we trekked up stai... More

  423. Kiva Service-Learning in Guatemala: Day 2

    by Miranda Escobar ’16 On our second day in Guatemala, we finally learned about microfinance in the country and we even had a chance to work with children. Our first stop was Namaste, a microfinance o... More

  424. Kiva Service-Learning in Guatemala: Day 3

    by Brian Suarez ’16 On the third day of our Guatemalan microfinance research trip we began the trek from Antigua to Panajachel on the shores of Lake Atitlan. The day started off like any other day, Ms... More

  425. Kiva Service-Learning in Guatemala: Day 4

    by Alexis Balomaga ’16 On day four of our trip, we indulged in a microfinance-packed itinerary and visited three institutions. The first was Adigua, an established microfinance institution (MFI) in Gu... More

  426. Kiva Service-Learning in Guatemala: Day 5

    by Jack Lyons ’16 On our last day in Guatemala we visited Meso American Permaculture Institute (IMAP) in the southern part of Lake Atitlan. The focus on permaculture, a method of sustainable agricultu... More

  427. Class of 2022

    ... More

  428. Meet Danna

    This holiday season, we invite you to pause and take a moment to meet Danna. She’s a freshman who is already blazing her trail at SHC as a member of the student council, chorus and the Sports Medicine... More

  429. Returning Student Orientation

    Preparing for Orientation: August 14 Orientation for returning students is on Monday, August 14 and is mandatory for 10th, 11th and 12th graders. Please note the following instructions, financial stat... More

  430. Summer Institute Registration Wait List Form

    [gravityform id="11" title="true" description="true"]... More

  431. Class of 1988 Memorial Faculty Enrichment Endowed Fund

    In honor of all of the outstanding teachers, coaches, Brothers and Daughters who aided in our education and development, living and deceased, the SHC Class of 1988 has established an endowment solel... More

  432. Kase ’00 and Jacob ’02 Abusharkh Family Endowed Scholarship

    On this special day, we thank you for investing in the Kase ’00 and Jacob ’02 Abusharkh Family Endowed Scholarship in honor of the marriage of Grace Pegan Weltner and Jacob Abusharkh. [cc_product sku... More

  433. Speratus Winery: Supporting Our Students

    Speratus Winery takes its name from the Latin sperare, which means, “to hope.” It is hope that Speratus gives to families in need through scholarships funded by wine sales. Co-Founders Kelly Trevethan... More

  434. Parent Pledge Program

    Read more... More

  435. Media

  436. Social

    Facebook Instagram Twitter Seamus ... More

  437. Tuition & Aid

  438. Broadcast

  439. Academics

  440. Academics

  441. Daily Schedule

    Please refer to this Daily BELL Schedule for 2021-22 when viewing the Daily Schedule calendar.... More

  442. Daily Schedule

  443. Alumni

  444. Community Life

  445. Fightin’ Irish Athletics

  446. Parents

  447. Community Life

    To build essential life skills such as self-confidence, self-respect, and leadership, our students participate in a variety of activities, creating a close-knit community. Through clubs and school org... More

  448. Parents

  449. Student Blog

  450. Student News

  451. Student Events

  452. Life at SHC

    Our private high school is comprised of intelligent, energetic students and faculty. We provide a rigorous academic schedule, as well as many different co-curricular activities. While we place a heavy... More

  453. Admissions Events

  454. Parent Calendar

  455. Parent Resources

    As parents of our students, you play a significant role in the success of your child. You are the first educators of your children and have a prominent place in their education. Studies have shown tha... More

  456. Parent News

  457. Parent Events

  458. Alumni Events

  459. Volunteer Opportunities

  460. Overview

  461. Overview

  462. Overview

  463. Overview

  464. Overview

  465. Overview

  466. Overview

  467. Overview

  468. Overview

  469. Overview

  470. Overview

  471. Overview

  472. Overview

  473. Overview

  474. Overview

  475. 43rd Irish Invitational

    Save the Date The Irish Invitational Golf Tournament will take place on Monday, June 14 at the Sonoma Golf Club. Accommodations are available Sunday, June 13 and Monday, June 14. Enjoy a wine country ... More

  476. Sign up for eNews

  477. Alumni Update

  478. Begin the Application Process

  479. Get Real-World Experience

  480. 32nd Annual Walkathon

    The Walkathon is back! We can't wait to gather in support of our incredible school. This long-standing SHC tradition is our one-and-only student-led fundraiser which ends with a community celebration ... More

  481. Register for Summer Institute

  482. Digital Resources

     ... More

  483. Parent Pledge

  484. Visit SHC

  485. Get Back Involved in SHC!

  486. Mr. Jonathan Lim

  487. Ms. Lauren Wild ’99

  488. Mr. Dabney Standley

  489. Ms. Margaret Baptista

  490. Dr. Gary Cannon

  491. Ms. Janet Shapiro

  492. Mr. Chikara Abe

  493. Mr. James Jordan

  494. Mr. Matthew Wilson

  495. Brother Joseph Fabiano, FSC

  496. Ms. Gloria Huerta

  497. Ms. Joan O’Neill

  498. Ms. Julie Phelan

  499. Mr. Thomas Farrell

  500. Mr. Doug Thorogood

  501. Ms. Nell Jeffrey

  502. Mr. Greg Schmitz

  503. Mr. Phil Freed ’80

  504. Mr. Richard Sansoe ’71

  505. Mr. Sebastian Vallelunga

  506. Mr. Peter Gresh ’72

  507. Ms. Kirstin Weihl

  508. Mr. Phi Le

  509. Ms. Anita Diaz

  510. Mr. James Conolly

  511. Ms. Erin Diner Kayser ’93

  512. Mr. Stephen Franceschi

  513. Mr. Sal Curcio

  514. Ms. Martha Melara

  515. Ms. Julia Rinaldi

  516. Ms. Dede Sabella

  517. Mr. John Gumina ’91

  518. Ms. Kathleen Lorentz

  519. Mr. Brian Morgan

  520. Mr. John Vigo ’81

  521. Mr. Tim Burke ’70

  522. Ms. Laura Wexler

  523. Ms. Marie Bernard

  524. Mr. Barry McLaughlin

  525. Dr. Helen M. Hollis

  526. Mr. Paul Barnes

  527. Mr. Andy Chan

  528. Ms. Margi Beima

  529. Ms. Christine Buell

  530. Mr. Mario Sazo

  531. Mr. Oscar C. Melero

  532. Brother John Hoover, FSC

  533. Mr. Tim Mahoney

  534. Mr. David Pardini ’80

  535. Mr. Christopher Green

  536. Ms. Katie Levine

  537. Sister Frances Meyer, DC

  538. Ms. Kate McFadden

  539. Ms. Rhonda Smith

  540. Ms. Tricia Constantino

  541. Ms. Anna Collier

  542. Mr. Tony Joost

  543. Mr. Colin Peuse

  544. Ms. Cristin Kuehl

  545. Ms. Clarissa Mendiola

  546. Mr. Dan Baer

  547. Ms. Emilie Fisher-Fleig

  548. Ms. Kim Freudenberg

  549. Mr. Brian McHugh

  550. Mr. Vito Ferrante

  551. Mr. Harvey Nguyen

  552. Bruce-Mahoney Football Game

    Join us at Kezar Stadium for the Bruce-Mahoney Football Game!  Established in 1947, the Bruce-Mahoney trophy is named in honor of Bill Bruce (Saint Ignatius College Preparatory, 1935), and Jerry Mahon... More

  553. Open House

    Once a year, SHC opens its doors to hundreds of visitors for an Open House. On October 23, 2021 from 9-11 am, we invite you to walk through our state-of-the-art facilities, speak to our teachers in th... More

  554. SHC Parents Sing Songs of the Old Country

    Shay and Michael Black are singing siblings from Ireland’s foremost family of song, The Black Family, which also includes their sisters, Mary and Frances, and brother, Martin. Hailed in The Irish Echo... More

  555. Dr. Melinda Lawlor Skrade

  556. A Spoonful of Sugar

  557. SHC’s i2 Program Celebrates Its Fifth Year

  558. SHC Participates in KQED Youth Takeover

  559. SHC Appoints New Soccer & Lacrosse Coaches

  560. Bruce-Mahoney Trophy Returns Home

    by Kevin Buckley ’13 It was a good old fashioned pitcher’s duel at AT&T Park Saturday night! Saint Ignatius struck first in the top of the third inning, but their rally was held to just one thanks... More

  561. Returning Student Orientation for 2021-22

  562. Class of 2025

    Read more... More

  563. SHC Summer Institute

    Spend your summer getting to know SHC in our Summer Institute. Students and athletes, ages 8-14, explore exciting topics and hone athletic skills in our one-week enrichment courses and sports academie... More

  564. SHC Winter Institute

    SHC Winter Institute provides exciting opportunities for 6th-8th grade students to get to know our school community. Our academic enrichment workshops and sports clinics are instructed by our talented... More

  565. Bash

  566. Visit us!

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person visits are subject to change based on the guidelines stated by SFDPH.... More

  567. Parent Visits

    Updated 9/8/21 High school enrollment is a decision for the whole family. If your 8th grader is interested in SHC, we invite you to get to know us as well. When you come for a parent visit, you will c... More

  568. A Summer Well Spent Serving Others

    Senior Madeleine Gesell ’19 shares a reflection on her summer internship at Lava Mae San Francisco—an opportunity made possible by SHC’s Community Learning Partnerships Program. The CLP facilitates op... More

  569. Walkathon Donation

  570. 100 Continuous Years of the Christian Brothers in the New Orleans Area

    Brother Joseph Fabiano, FSC, recently traveled to New Orleans with a group of Christian Brothers from California to celebrate the order’s centennial anniversary serving the area.In this reflection, Br... More

  571. Criteria for Admission

  572. A Summer to Remember

  573. Performing Arts Showcase: One Night Only

    SHC actors, singers, dancers, musicians and visual artists take the stage for One Night Only, our Visual & Performing Arts Showcase! Join us for an evening filled with spectacular performances in ... More

  574. Dr. Angelica Bailon

  575. Mr. Eric Keith

  576. Ms. Kristy Chun

  577. Ms. Pamela Gresh ’09

  578. Mr. Jeffrey Juelsgaard

  579. Mr. Michael Kerschner

  580. Ms. Erika Varela

  581. Ms. Carrie Booth

  582. SHCtv_test

  583. Alumni Basketball Game Registration 2018

  584. Alumni Volleyball Social 2018

  585. Mr. Jerry Vigil

  586. Ms. Jessenia Mendoza

  587. Mr. Nathan Villanueva ’06

  588. Alumni Speaker Series: Writin’ Irish

    Join us on Thursday, November 8 at 1:30 pm in the Sister Caroline Collins, DC, Theater for the next installment of the SHC Alumni Speaker Series: Writin’ Irish.Our panel of alumni authors include: Tie... More

  589. Family Game & Casino Night

    Calling all SHC families! Join us on Saturday, September 29 from 6–9 pm in the Sister Teresa Piro, DC, Student Life Center for Family Game & Casino Night. Meet and mingle with your fellow SHC fami... More

  590. Junior Unity Ceremony

    Current SHC juniors and their families are invited to the Junior Unity Ceremony on Wednesday, October 24 at 2 pm.The purpose of this event is to celebrate the gifts of our junior class and challenge t... More

  591. Serve It Up: The Lasallian Connection

    Last weekend, the 6th Annual Serve It Up Volleyball Tournament brought together Lasallian schools across the Bay Area including Justin Siena, Saint Mary’s Berkeley and Sacred Heart Cathedral, to serve... More

  592. Fall Play: Arsenic & Old Lace

    Mark your calendars for Arsenic & Old Lace! SHC’s fall production of the classic comedy follows Mortimer Brewster as he visits his dear aunts in their Victorian home in Brooklyn. As more family me... More

  593. Speak the Speech, I Pray You!: The Shakespeare Club Takes On Ashland

    by Lucie Duffort At the end of September, SHC’s Shakespeare Club sent 25 students and four teachers on the yearly trip to Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. There they saw live theater, met ... More

  594. Mr. Aaron Castillo

  595. Integral Student Outcomes

    Read more... More

  596. 10 Minutes to Curtain: Backstage with the Tech Crew at Arsenic & Old Lace

    On November 1, the cast and crew of SHC’s fall production of Arsenic & Old Lace had their final dress rehearsal. The play, written in 1939, is a single-set comedy revolving around the less-than-sa... More

  597. Margi Beima Named Cal-Hi Sports State Coach of the Year

  598. Winter Instrumental Concert: Lean on Me

    A shining quality of Sacred Heart Cathedral is its strong commitment to building community and support for one another through changes and challenging times. Please join us for a concert that celebrat... More

  599. Annual Spring Gala: ONLINE!

    The SHC Spring Gala Committee is excited to be continuing this great event in a virtual format. The online auction will open on Saturday, March 28 at 3 pm and will close on Thursday, April 2 at 11:59 ... More

  600. Class of 2023

    Choosing the right high school is an important decision that will shape the next four years of your life. We’re thrilled that you’re interested in joining our community.  Each year, we are honored to... More

  601. Food Science & Technology (one semester)

    Food Science and Technology builds on introductory-level Chemistry and Biology, focusing on the biochemical principles encountered in agriculture and food preparation, and using an inquiry approach to... More

  602. Anatomy & Physiology (one semester)

    Anatomy and Physiology offer students the opportunity for a detailed study of the human body and its major body systems. Students will gain a fundamental understanding of the relationship between stru... More

  603. AP Microeconomics (one semester)

    This course is an introduction to studying the resource allocation decisions of individual entities - consumers, workers, or firms - in a market environment. We will explore cases in which the market ... More

  604. Personal Health & Fitness

    What does it mean to be healthy? The course offers students the opportunity to explore that answer in three units: physical health, mental/emotional health, and healthy sleep and nutrition habits.  St... More

  605. Physics

    Regardless of what our interests are, physics can help us understand the how and the why. Join us as we explore physics concepts virtually from our homes! Each day we will meet online to explore a ... More

  606. Mobile App Design

    Students will use Thunkable, a free, web-based drag-and-drop block coding interface, to create apps that work in iOS and Android and can be shared and used by family and friends. Thunkable apps can be... More

  607. Hall of Fame Baseball Academy

  608. Basketball Academy

    The Fightin’ Irish Basketball Academy will offer instruction in shooting, ball handling, footwork and agility. Athletes will be placed in groups with participants of similar age, size and ability to e... More

  609. Soccer Academy

    Fightin’ Irish Soccer Academy will offer instruction for players from beginner to elite levels. Athletes will be placed in groups with participants of similar age, size and ability to ensure a benefic... More

  610. Volleyball Academy

  611. Robotics

    Robotics students will work collaboratively and individually to design, build, and write code for robotic systems including but not limited to VEX-IQ, Arduino and RaspberryPi. Students will work in te... More

  612. Digital Music

    Are you an aspiring artist? Do you enjoy music? This course will explore how to make our own digital productions using Soundtrap. Students will dig into their creative sides and express themselves thr... More

  613. Advanced Dance and Composition 5,6

    An advanced level course in dance technique and composition, this course follows a rigorous curriculum building on the curriculum taught in Advanced Dance and Composition 3,4.  This course is designed... More

  614. Advanced Dance and Composition Honors

    Advanced Dance and Composition Honors is an honors level course designed for high school juniors or seniors who successfully complete lower level dance classes including Fundamentals of Dance Techniqu... More

  615. Studio Art Advanced Placement (2-D Design)

    This year-long course provides intensive and increased independent study in drawing and painting. Individual style, technical skill, and a strong conceptual approach prepare the college-bound student.... More

  616. Spring Choral Concert

    SHC Choirs will perform a spring collection of popular musical styles from over five centuries. This fun journey through music history will move from Mozart to the hits of today. Join us!March 22 at 7... More

  617. Lasallian Vincentian Alumni Awards Ceremony

    The Lasallian Vincentian Alumni Award Ceremony will take place on May 1, 2019, at our Founders’ Day Mass in front of our entire school community. This award is the most distinguished honor bestowed up... More

  618. Football Academy

    The Fightin’ Irish Football Academy will teach the basics of football in a non contact environment. Athletes will be introduced to all positions and learn the proper way to throw, run, catch, punt and... More

  619. SHC & CPMC: A Move to Remember

  620. Parameter Dates 2021-22

  621. 1DayIrish Donation Form

  622. Mayor London Breed Visits SHC

  623. Class of 2019: Valedictorian & Salutatorian Speeches

    On May 25, 2019, Sacred Heart Cathedral graduated 308 seniors at Saint Mary’s Cathedral of the Assumption. Graduates were accepted into 275 colleges and universities across 46 states and 8 countries. ... More

  624. Celebrated Sacred Heart Basketball Coach Passes Away

  625. Alumni Reunion: Class of 2009

    Calling all members of the Class of 2009: Congratulations on your 10 Year Anniversary—let’s celebrate this milestone year! DETAILS Date and Time: Friday, November 29 from 7-10 pmLocation: San Francisc... More

  626. AP Studio Art Portfolio Students Break Record

  627. 50th Anniversary: AAA Basketball Championship

    Join us as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Sacred Heart High School’s 1969 AAA Basketball Championship victory! The event will take place at the Italian Athletic Club in North Beach. The cost is ... More

  628. Class of 1979: 40th Reunion

    The Class of 1979 is invited to celebrate their milestone 40th reunion back on campus on November 2, 2019 at 5 pm. We will celebrate Mass in the Chapel on the La Salle Academic Campus followed by a di... More

  629. Mr. Rich Hill

  630. Mr. Geoff Hunt

  631. Ms. Erin Quint-Cramer

  632. Ms. Brooke Borwell

  633. Mr. Carlos Gonzalez

  634. Dr. Heidi Harrison

  635. Mr. Carlos Rocha

  636. Mr. Tiv Cumberbatch

  637. Ms. Erin Baldanzi ’93

  638. Ms. Erica Hipp ’13

  639. Ms. Alyssa Aninag

  640. Ms. Nicole Nastari

  641. Ms. Greta Betteo

  642. Mr. Hermes Ruiz

  643. Ms. Laura Canaya

  644. Mr. Paul McCurdy

  645. Class of 1999: 20th Reunion Events

    SHC Class of 1999, it’s your 20th Reunion! Reconnect with your old classmates and celebrate this incredible milestone. The planning committee invites you to attend the following events:  Friday, Octob... More

  646. Back to School Night

    Current parents and guardians are invited to come and see how learning is created at SHC. Gather with the Parents Association and administration at 6 pm before meeting your student’s teachers in their... More

  647. Bruce-Mahoney Football Game

    Join us at Kezar Stadium for the Bruce-Mahoney Football Game!  Established in 1947, the Bruce-Mahoney trophy is named in honor of Bill Bruce (Saint Ignatius College Preparatory, 1935), and Jerry Mahon... More

  648. Reunion: VPA Alumni

    SHC Visual & Performing Arts alumni are invited to join us back on campus to reconnect with old friends and to enjoy a performance by current SHC Theatre students. Join us at 6:30 pm for bites and... More

  649. Fall Play: The Crucible

    Join us for SHC’s production of Arthur Miller’s classic, The Crucible—the story of how one lie can turn the residents of a town against each other. November 1, 2, 8, 9 @ 7:30 pmPurchase your tickets t... More

  650. Dig Pink: In October, Volleyball Teams Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer

    Anyone who’s been to a volleyball game lately (GO IRISH!) has noticed the tables laden with pink goodies, sometimes staffed by students draped in pink plaid blankets, munching on cupcakes.  October is... More

  651. President’s Dinner 2019

  652. Ms. Alex Goldberg

  653. Spring Musical: Xanadu

    Xanadu follows the journey of a magical and beautiful Greek muse, Kira, who descends from the heavens of Mount Olympus to Venice Beach, California in 1980 on a quest to inspire a struggling artist, So... More

  654. POSTPONED: Bruce-Mahoney Baseball Game

    The Bruce-Mahoney Baseball Game previously scheduled for March 28 has been POSTPONED. SHC and SI are working to schedule a makeup date and to secure a new site. Stay tuned for more information!... More

  655. SHC Athletic Director Jo Ann Momono to Retire

    After three decades at the helm of the Sacred Heart Cathedral’s Athletic Department, Jo Ann Momono has announced she will retire at the end of the 2019-20 academic year. Her expertise and competitive ... More

  656. SHarC Tank Funds Young Entrepreneurs

  657. Parent Pledge Action Form

  658. Curriculum Guide

    At Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, we design challenging curricula to engage the whole student. From thoughtful preparatory classes to rigorous honors and Advanced Placement courses, SHC’s learnin... More

  659. Margi Beima Named SHC Athletic Director

    Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is pleased to announce the appointment of Margi Beima to the position of athletic director. Beima has served Sacred Heart Cathedral in a variety of roles over the co... More

  660. August 2021

  661. September 2021

  662. October 2021

  663. November 2021

  664. December 2021

  665. January 2022

  666. February 2022

  667. March 2022

  668. April 2022

  669. May 2022

  670. June 2022

  671. July 2022

  672. World Affairs Council: A World View Expanding Internship

    Rising SHC junior Aoife Dwan ’22 participated in a transformative internship with the World Affairs Council which culminated in a presentation focused on a particular international issue. Aoife shares... More

  673. Sonia Danforth Named SHC Girls Head Tennis Coach

  674. Caesar Smith ’98 Named Associate Athletic Director

  675. Return to Campus Planning

  676. COVID-19 State & Local Resources

  677. Leadership Panel Discussion

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sacred Heart Cathedral, in collaboration with all other Catholic High Schools in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, will host all Fall and Winter events virtually. High sc... More

  678. SHCP Coach

  679. Academic Resources

    Intro text.... More

  680. Academic Resources

    Intro Copy... More

  681. Ms. Carlisha Washington

  682. Ms. Jean Jones

  683. Mr. Tony Tran

  684. Ms. Francesca Zambrano

  685. Mr. Thai Chu

  686. Ms. Tori Woolstenhulme-Cruz

  687. Ms. Jenny Chen

  688. Ms. Veronica Zermani

  689. Mr. Caesar Smith ’98

  690. Mr. Fidel Pugh

  691. Mr. Jon Sisseck

  692. Ms. Judith Nievera Tangaan ’93

  693. Ms. Shani Mahany

  694. Ms. Emily Larkin ’13

  695. Ms. Hannah Donkin

  696. Ms. Laura Krause ’02

  697. SHC Winter Institute

  698. SHC to Host Virtual Open House

  699. Focus on Freshman

  700. Let Us Remember

  701. Celebratory Stars

  702. Merry Christmas from SHC

  703. Our Campus

    Sacred Heart Cathedral is situated in the heart of San Francisco’s cultural center. SHC students benefit from the prime location, near San Francisco’s City Hall, the opera and the ballet. SHC’s urban ... More

  704. Ms. Jessica Markbreiter, MS, ATC

  705. Information & Resources: COVID-19

    Please use this page as a resource for planning as we unite in our efforts to navigate the 2021-22 school year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.... More

  706. Mr. Ryan Fickenscher

  707. Ms. Carmel McDonnell

  708. Ms. Maggie Holland

  709. Women in STEM: an alumni panel hosted by the Women’s Empowerment CCC

  710. Acknowledgement of Health Risks Form

    View the Acknowledgement of Health Risks Form:EnglishEspañol... More

  711. Community Health Pledge

    View the SHC Community Health Pledge:EnglishEspañol... More

  712. Student COVID-19 Testing Dates

  713. Sports Medicine

  714. 1WeekIrish

    Save the date for 1WeekIrish, SHC's week of giving and engagement! Join us for affinity reunions, activities and showing our SHC pride.  Click here for more information.... More

  715. The Art & Inquiry Workshop

  716. The Science & Innovation Workshop

  717. The Performing Arts Workshop

  718. The Makers Workshop

  719. The Design & Communication Workshop

  720. The Discovery & Production Workshop

  721. The Creativity Workshop

  722. De Paul Online Academy

  723. The Exploration Workshop

  724. The Tinker Workshop

  725. 1WeekIrish

  726. Give: 1WeekIrish

  727. 1WeekIrish

  728. Tim Burke ’70 Announces Retirement

  729. Sean MacKay Departs SHC Basketball Coaching Staff

  730. Summer COVID-19 Guidelines

  731. Wrestling

  732. Girls Golf

  733. Girls Tennis

  734. Girls Volleyball

    The Sacred Heart Cathedral Girls Volleyball Program, one of the top programs in the state, has been ranked in the top 100 nationally several times throughout the years. A perennial CCS and NorCal cont... More

  735. Girls Basketball

  736. Girls Soccer

  737. Boys Basketball

  738. Boys Soccer

  739. Cross Country

  740. Football

  741. Baseball

  742. Boys Golf

  743. Boys Lacrosse

  744. Girls Lacrosse

  745. Softball

  746. Swimming

  747. Boys Tennis

  748. Track & Field

  749. Boys Volleyball

  750. Caesar Smith ’98 Named Head Coach for SHC Boys Basketball

  751. Class of 2025 Orientation for 2021-2022

  752. Director of Admissions

  753. Girls Assistant Basketball Coach

  754. Athletics

  755. Fightin’ Irish Calendar

  756. Fightin’ Irish Calendar

  757. Announcements

  758. Ms. Maria Apablasa

  759. Ms. Hannah Reese

  760. Mr. Andrew Shahamiri

  761. Mr. Gregg Franceschi ’94

  762. Ms. Geninne Ruegg

  763. Mr. Oscar Miranda

  764. Ms. Maily Diep

  765. Dr. Justin Woodard

  766. Ms. Rosalynn Cambe

  767. Mr. Evan Vaughan

  768. Ms. Elisa Sciaroni-Huebner

  769. Director of Advancement

  770. Br. Victor Kenneth, FSC

  771. Ms. Janice Kristanti

  772. Mr. Harvey Carey

  773. Ms. Alexandria Cervantes

  774. Updates to the Bruce-Mahoney Tradition

  775. Speech and Debate Head Coach/Moderator

  776. Boys Lacrosse Assistant Coaches

  777. Tickets

    Sacred Heart Cathedral Athletics partners with GoFan, a professional digital ticketing system that makes ticket purchasing easy and cashless. SHC charges for admission to Football, Girls Volleyball, a... More

  778. Coach Demetrius Jackson Returns to SHC

  779. Jeff Wilson Named Head Girls Soccer Coach

  780. SHC Wins Bruce-Mahoney Football Game

  781. Open House 2021: Program

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