Let America be the Dream the Dreamers Dreamed

Last week, I had the incredible honor of attending the San Francisco Labor Council Pre-Labor Day Annual Breakfast, in which 350-400 labor leaders convened to discuss various significant labor campaigns concerning the City and County of San Francisco. After being greeted by one of Leader Pelosi’s assistants, Ms. Kia Kolderup-Lane, I sat down at a table and listened intently as the meeting commenced. Notable speakers included SFLC Executive Director Tim Paulson and Executive Secretary Treasurer of the California Labor Federation Art Pulaski. Pulaski referenced Langston Hughes at one point during his speech, reinstating the value of unions and their accomplishments with empowering words: "Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed - let it be that great land of love, where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme, that any man be crushed by one above."
The meeting concluded with a speech by Leader Pelosi, who graciously asked me to stand in front of the crowd of labor leaders as she talked about my experience with National History Day.
I had met Leader Pelosi back in June at the national competition of NHD, where she spoke with me about my historical paper on Harry Bridges and took me onto the floor of the House of Representatives. Meeting her then was an honor, so this additional invitation was truly remarkable! After the meeting, she spared a few moments to talk with me and take a few photos. It was truly an amazing opportunity that humbled me and was something I will never forget!

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