Parent Pledge Program

Parent Pledge Program Frequently Asked Questions

The Parent Pledge Program is a critical aspect of SHC’s success. SHC parents contribute to the Parent Pledge Program with a minimum four-year pledge of $1,500 per year per child. While the minimum pledge of $1,500 per year per child is expected, we encourage families with the financial capacity to become members of the Sesquicentennial ($2,250 per year) or President’s Society ($3,000 per year). Your donation makes a dollar-for-dollar difference in scholarships, technology, facilities and programs offered at SHC. Families who qualify for financial aid are asked to give what they can. For questions, please contact Parent Engagement Officer Melissa Sterling at 415.775.6626 ext.728.

What is the Parent Pledge Program?

Parent involvement is essential to the SHC experience—present and future. Parent support of SHC through the Parent Pledge Program enriches the educational experience of every student. Parent Pledge Program dollars support the retention and development of our talented Lasallian/Vincentian educators, technology upgrades, facilities enhancements, cocurricular programs and tuition assistance—all the things that make SHC a special place to learn and grow. Remaining accessible to students of all economic backgrounds is central to our Lasallian/Vincentian mission. Rather than raising tuition to cover all of the rapidly escalating costs to operate SHC, we depend on the generosity of parents, alumni and friends. Parents of incoming freshmen are expected to make a tax-deductible, four-year pledge at one of the levels described below for each of their students attending SHC.

What are the Shamrock Circle, Sesquicentennial Society, and President’s Society?

The Shamrock Circle consists of all members of SHC’s giving community who make tax-deductible contributions to the school at a level of $1,500 and above from July through June each year. SHC welcomes many alumni, friends and parents of the SHC community as  Shamrock Circle members in appreciation of their generosity throughout the year. As a parent participating in the Parent Pledge Program at a level of $1,500 per year (the minimum expected level), you will become a member of the SHC Shamrock Circle and will be invited to join other Shamrock Circle members at the annual President’s Dinner in appreciation of your investment. The Sesquicentennial Society was created in honor of our school’s founding and recognizes our investors who give at a level of $2,250 per year and above. Members of the Sesquicentennial Society will be invited to join other Shamrock Circle members at the annual President’s Dinner and will additionally be given an SHC premium pass that will admit two people to any SHC student event (e.g., sporting events, drama performances, etc.). The highest level of Parent Pledge Program contributors are those who give at a level of $3,000 and above for a particular year. These President’s Society investors will receive all of the benefits of the Shamrock Circle and Sesquicentennial Society members, including an invitation to the annual President’s Dinner and an SHC Premium Pass in recognition of their generosity. We strongly encourage the families with the financial capacity to become members of the President’s Society and enjoy the increased impact they will have on the quality of education at SHC.

What if I am already giving toward an existing pledge for an older child attending SHC?

While we realize that sending multiple children to SHC constitutes a major financial commitment, the cost to educate your child remains the same no matter how many children are attending SHC. Therefore, SHC expects families to make a four-year pledge on behalf of each child enrolled at SHC.

Can the cost of the pledge be shared by more than one individual?

Yes. However, this arrangement must be completed prior to the registration deadline by contacting Parent Engagement Officer Melissa Sterling at 415.775.6626 ext.728.

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