Without a Home, But Not Without Heart

By John Vigo ’81 Remember the name Michael Del Debbio, for he deserves to be remembered. Michael died of cancer this past spring. A life-long learner and holder of two college degrees, Michael was homeless for the past twenty years and living in Golden Gate Park. He struggled with mental illness and existed on the margins of society. In 2006 he found acceptance and peace within the chapel at the Cristo Rey Monastery. He developed a relationship with two extern liaisons to the Carmelite nuns, who maintained contact with him through the years and lovingly cared for him during the final weeks of his life.Cristo Rey Chapel While working on Michael’s final arrangements, one of the liaisons remembered a key that Michael gave her to hold for him some time back. It turned out that the key opened a safe deposit box at a local bank. Inside the box was nearly $10,000 in cash along with a hand written last will and testament written by Michael. In this will he left all of his money to SHC to establish a fund providing textbooks for deserving students. Needless to say, Michael’s gift had a profound impact on all of us in the Development Office. It’s a truly remarkable story.  

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