Students Break Walkathon Fundraising Record

Sacred Heart Cathedral enjoyed its most successful Walkathon in school history with a record-setting $284,000 in gifts, smashing last year’s record of $265,000.

The efforts by the community for the 34th Annual Walkathon–a student-led fundraiser aided by families, alumni and investors–will support the Carl Gellert & Celia Berta Gellert Atrium renovation in the Student Life Center on the La Salle Campus, as well as student scholarships and student travel grants.

“The students did an outstanding job! I would also credit our community. There was so much Walkathon excitement this year. The energy was contagious,” said Director of Advancement Magda Lara ’00, whose team drives fundraising and operational efforts for this annual event. “Our Faculty and staff supported our students with their fundraising efforts, encouraging them during Walkathon homerooms and the weeks leading up to the big day.”

This year’s Western-themed Walkathon, a 3.1-mile trek through Golden Gate Park, included speeches, class competitions and a barbecue feast to feed more than 1,400 people, including students, faculty, staff, parents and volunteers.

For Lara and her team, there is no rest in between Walkathons. Planning for the 35th Annual Walkathon is well underway as the Advancement Team is already looking at ways to improve the next event, and they are currently communicating and planning with the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department.

“When students are supported in such a way, they become passionate about the impact they are making for each other and future generations,” Lara said.

We are still accepting gifts for Walkathon. If you wish to give, visit our official SHC Walkathon Page.

Photos by Catherine Tsang ’25

Photos by Catherine Tsang ’25

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