1WeekIrish is SHC’s week of giving.

Incredible things happen when we come together as a community—and the success of 1WeekIrish is proof!

Our week began and ended with the feast days of two of our founding saints — Saint Louise De Marillac on May 9 and Saint John Baptist de La Salle on May 16. In the spirit of our Founders and through strength of the connections among our entire community spanning decades, last week our alumni, parents and friends affirmed their commitment to our mission, our curriculum, our programs, our campus and our people and showed up in force and in support of SHC! 

While we are still tallying final numbers, we’re thrilled to share that we raised more than $180,000 from hundreds of benefactors’ and alumni generous gifts.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to make a gift last week or attend any of our virtual events, there’s still time! Your gift will make a direct impact on the current and future students of SHC!

Thank you, and GO IRISH!

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