Did you know SHC has the largest high school library in San Francisco?

We are proud to offer our students an academic experience that prepares them for university-level research. All library faculty hold graduate degrees and teaching credentials. During collaboration periods, the SHC Library becomes a hub of activity with up to 200 students studying, reading, using the most up-to-date technology, working on group projects and sharing conference rooms. The library’s lofty top-floor location welcomes students with natural light, beautiful panoramic views of San Francisco and a quiet scholarly environment. 

SHC Library Portal


  • 12,000 square feet
  • 16,000 books
  • 28 full-text databases
  • Streaming video database
  • 22 online magazine subscriptions
  • 50 magazine subscriptions
  • Desktop computers plus iPads and Chromebooks
  • 4 study rooms
  • 2100+ literary eBooks
  • 200 eAudiobooks
  • Citation generator subscription for every student
  • Wireless environment 

Private Innovative High School in San Francisco

Located in the

Heart of the city