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Theatre Company

The Theatre Company welcomes students, onstage and offstage, to build their talents and foster interests. Our program is known for its quality productions, both the fall play and spring musical. Through productions, enrichment workshops, private coaching and much more, our program allows students to explore their talents in a supportive and nurturing environment.

The Sister Caroline Collins, DC, Theater serves the students in tech with its large stage and intimate feel. Students are treated as skilled artists and are given the opportunity to train and perform in the same atmosphere as professionals. Backstage facilities employ the latest technology, making possible the exceptional caliber of onstage performances. The auditorium is equipped with cutting-edge sound and lighting equipment, ample storage space for set pieces and props, and a soundproof greenroom that can accommodate more than 30 actors as they perform costume changes and rehearse lines. All of these amenities enhance the hands-on instruction students receive in acting, production, set design, stage management and many other tools of the trade.

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