Student Holidays 2022-23

SHC Student Holiday Schedule 2022-23

September 5 (Monday)

Labor Day Holiday

September 26 (Monday)

Student Holiday (Faculty/Staff Retreat)

October 28 (Friday)

Student Holiday (Faculty/Staff Work Day)

October 31 (Monday)

School Holiday

November 11 (Friday)

Veterans Day Holiday

November 23 (Wednesday) - November 25 (Friday)

Thanksgiving Break

December 22 (Thursday) - January 6 (Friday)

Christmas/New Year Break

January 16 (Monday)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Holiday

January 30 (Monday)

Student Holiday (Faculty/Staff Retreat)

February 20 (Monday)

President’s Day Holiday

March 3 (Friday)

Student Holiday (Archdiocese Convocation)

March 24 (Friday)

School Holiday

April 7 (Friday)- April 17 (Monday)

Easter Break

May 8 (Monday)

Walkathon Holiday (potential)

May 26 (Friday)

School Holiday

May 29 (Monday)

Memorial Day Holiday

June 19 (Monday)

Juneteenth Holiday

July 4 (Tuesday)

Independence Day Holiday

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Heart of the city