A Clean Well-Lighted Library, but Far More

By Brother Joseph Fabiano, FSC When I arrived in 1966 the school library was slightly larger than a regular classroom with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. That library was situated on the first floor basement level of the old classroom building, where the Student Life Center now graces our campus. In that well-resourced library, one long table occupied the center of the room and attracted 10 seated scholars on each side. Brother John Waller, the librarian and highly astute resource person, occupied one of the seats and ruled the academic silence. [caption id="attachment_369446" align="alignright" width="240"]Sacred Heart Students in the library. Sacred Heart Students in the old library.[/caption] In 1980 the new classroom building was constructed on the opposite side of Willow Alley. At this time the library was relegated again to the first floor. The ground level, actually the third floor, was the main transaction level for the administration and counseling department. So the library, once again, had a below-ground and dark presence, which necessitated more artificial lighting. On the bright side, there was certainly adequate space for private study. Several tables and study carrels, along with five desktop computers, the latest in Apple’s groundbreaking technology, far different from what is available today! In 1993 the World Wide Web entered the library on two desktop computers. The library as we know it today moved from the basement level up to the top floor of the La Salle Academic Building. The move happened in 1997 and brought the library into an awesome white-walled space, with a combination of natural and comfortable lighting, panoramic city views, 50 desktop computers, tables and study carrels daily. Our library allures students to its sixth floor academic penthouse to accomplish their educational tasks. Before and after school, the 200 seats usually manifest the adolescent miracle of respectful silence and academic accomplishments. Now in this tech age, while maintaining most of the previous desktops, the library staff has transitioned with the students, who bring their own technological devices. We have also capitalized on the additional space. The library director, Mrs. Judy Scudder, is the visionary of the previous library and this current “Clean, Well-Lighted” scholastic environment, which is still producing extraordinary achievements. Learn more about the SHC Library

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