A Dream for All SHC Students

Chair of the Board of Regents Charles Love shares his vision of the spiritual and intellectual journey offered each student at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory at our Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Service:
  We have a dream deeply rooted in truths, principles and hopes of the American dream. A dream colored by the multicultural consciences and experiences that brought us all here today. A dream driven by a mission: to let our light so shine before the world that they might see His good works. We have a dream that this community of ideals and good will will one day provide a vision for this nation to follow. A vision—a dream—of a more excellent place where our beloved come to grow, to learn, to achieve. In this dream, this is a place where excellence exists as scholarly accomplishment, compassion, leadership and service. [caption id="attachment_370936" align="alignleft" width="240"]Board of Regents Chair Charles Love speaks with SHC students in the Plaza. Board of Regents Chair, Charles Love, shares with SHC students.[/caption] We have a dream that your journey of intellectual and spiritual exploration will lead you inward as well as outward. From the depths of your souls to the farthest edges of the star-studded heavens. A place where you learn to master concepts and skills, and also a place that instills responsibility, discipline and decision making. We have a dream that the values and traditions, the common interests and the relationships that make this place special, will not only create the feeling that we are never apart… Our dream—our hope—is to ensure that you know that you are never alone.
We have a dream of freedoms. Freedom from fear because this is a safe place where bodies, feelings and ideas—and your dignity—are protected.
Freedom from failure, because love never fails and it never gives up. It always trusts, always hopes and always endures through every circumstance. We have a dream inspired by the commitments and charisms of the Daughters and Brothers that envisions and promises that we will care more about who, and whose you are, than what you are. In our dream, this must be a place where life and lives matter. Not only black lives or brown or yellow or white; not only citizens or immigrants; or the haves or the have nots; males or females; not only the geniuses or the challenged, but all lives and every life.
Because in our dream, We are called to act with justice. We are called to love tenderly. We are called to serve one another, To walk humbly with God.  

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