Welcome Back SHC!

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is thrilled to welcome students, faculty and staff back to campus for the 2015-16 academic year.
We celebrate our accomplishments leading into this school year and embrace the changes ahead. This year, we are humbled by yet another record-breaking admissions cycle, and welcome the Class of 2019 with enthusiasm and open arms. Our total enrollment is strong at 1,325, and several new faculty and staff members joined our community this year. We are proud that SHC continues to be a place where both students and teachers choose to learn, grow and thrive. The Collective Bargaining Agreement has been ratified by the Union members and we have a contract which carries us through the next three years. We look forward to working together to deepen our commitment and engagement in our mission, and to secure a sustainable, high quality Catholic education for students today and into the future. Our students will enjoy the successful completion of Phase 3 of our science facility renovation, and their learning-experience will be enriched by access to the latest classroom technology. Over the summer, construction crews completed the renovation of four existing classrooms into state-of-the-art chemistry laboratories on our La Salle Campus. The renovation includes the wiring, plumbing, furniture and equipment needed to meet the demands of our rigorous chemistry curriculum. At the end of this academic year, we will begin the fourth and final phase of our science facility renovation to create updated biology and marine biology classrooms. This year also marks the beginning of SHC’s partnership with Epicurean Group, a food management organization dedicated to sustainable dining. Epicurean will provide seasonal, organic food service for our students throughout the year, and they will implement a convenient computerized debit system to create an efficient and cashless method of purchasing delicious and healthy food. Each new school year brings with it new opportunities, and we look forward to embracing those opportunities together as a school community. Go Irish!  

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