Food Service Partner Epicurean Group Welcomed to SHC

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is proud to announce its partnership with Epicurean Group.

Epicurean, a food service management company dedicated to sourcing local, fresh, seasonal and organic food prepared with care and skill and will provide daily meal service for both our student cafe and faculty/staff lunch starting this summer. Epicurean’s food practices and values are perfectly aligned with SHC’s overall wellness philosophy, making the partnership a natural fit.

Health & Physical Education Department Co-Director Angie Pfahnl shares, “With Epicurean Group, our students will have better access to a larger variety of high-quality, affordable food. As a partner in our Wellness Vision of Excellence, Epicurean will help SHC promote sustainability and healthy nutritional values across campus. Our partnership will benefit our entire school community, making wellness a priority for us all.

"At Epicurean Group, we believe that putting food on the table is just the beginning of our job," says Mary Clark Bartlett, Founder and CEO of Epicurean Group. "We set the highest standards in the industry for socially responsible and environmentally sustainable practices.”

What’s New
  • Regular student forums hosted by Epicurean will allow for student feedback to keep menus fresh and relevant.
  • The installation of  kitchen upgrades will allow for a wider variety of healthy, fresh meals.
  • Epicurean will host various wellness seminars with topics ranging from healthy eating to stress management.
  • Students will be invited to use social media to share their food experiences with Epicurean to allow for honest feedback in realtime.
  • A new digital point-of-sale system will streamline the payment process.


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