SHC & CPMC: A Move to Remember

On March 2nd and 3rd, over 100 SHC students and community members volunteered to help move the California Pacific Medical Center to its new 274-bed home at 1101 Van Ness Ave, a mere .2 miles from SHC. 

Volunteers came from boys volleyball, boys lacrosse, sports medicine, track and field, the California Scholarship Federation, speech and debate, tech crew, mock trial, the Parents Association, the Board of Regents, coaching staff, faculty and administration, lending a hand from all sides of our community in an effort to grow, connect, learn, and serve.

Sunday 22

They had been prepared by a concentrated orientation session, where they had learned the scope and careful timing of this ambitious operation. In addition to infection control protocol and the importance of patient privacy under HIPAA, they were taught the necessary information that they would provide patients and their families, learning to help with wayfinding, escorting, operating elevators, entertaining children, welcoming families and patients, and more.

All of this was thanks to the efforts of Margi Beima, SHC’s Director of Community Learning Partnerships, and CPMC Volunteer Coordinator Alisa Dichter. In order to provide an essential student volunteer viewpoint, CLP intern Catrina Grimaldi ’20 joined in on the discussion as early as October.

Sunday 20 Small

On the subject of the move itself, Catrina indicated that hospital workers were struck by the number of SHC kids present. On a weekend. To help a hospital. She says that for her, running around managing the flow of contact info and providing an “assuaging presence” for all involved, the most exciting thing was getting to see the “bowels of the CPMC”, helping people being brought in on stretchers, with machinery and very particular needs.

The two-day move into the new location was striking in its efficiency. Floors and departments were moved on a tight schedule, and the emergency room stayed open throughout. Students and parents, teachers and staff got a firsthand look at the workings of a high-tech hospital, and grew our community just a little bit more.

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