Student Resources for 2022-23

Returning Students Orientation
Schedules and details for 2022-23 Orientation are coming soon.  See Schoology SHC Announcements Resources for more information.

Click the link for the SHC page of the Barnes and Noble College Bookstore.

Daily Schedules
Click to see the 2022-23 daily (bell) schedules.

Find your teacher’s profile and contact information.

Library Portal
Explore the resources offered by our Library Services.

Magnus Health
Log into Magnus, a secure web-based system used to collect and store student information. 

Sign into SHC's college admissions platform.

Parameter Dates
View the 2022-23 parameter dates

Click for SHC’s official record of grades and attendance.

Contact the SHC Registrar to requests transcripts.

Resource & Book List
Click here for the 2022-23 list of required resources, books, and payment links for digital course resources and AP Test Fees.

Click for SHC’s learning management system.

Student & Family Handbook
Click for the 2022-23 Student & Family Handbook.

Find FAQs and minimum system specifications for student devices.

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