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Student Resources

Tour the SHC section of the Barnes and Noble College Bookstore.

Daily Schedule
View the 2023-24 Bell Schedule.

Find your teacher’s profile and contact information.

Library Portal
Explore the resources offered by our Library Services.

Magnus Health
Log into Magnus, a secure web-based system used to collect and store student information. 

Sign into SHC's college admissions platform.

Parameter Dates (23-24)

Refer to Powerschool for SHC’s official record of grades and attendance.

Contact the SHC Registrar to request transcripts.

Resource & Book List
View the 2024-25 list and payment links for required resources and books. Please have all books and pay fees by August 13; AP Test fees will be collected in October, 2024.

Visit SHC’s learning management system.

Student & Family Handbook
Review the 2023-24 Student & Family Handbook.

Student Holiday Schedule
SHC Student Holiday Schedule 2022-23

Find FAQs and minimum system specifications for student devices.

Returning Students Orientation - Go to Schoology > SHC Announcements > Resources.

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