Summer Institute Sports Writing & Digital Media: Wimbledon and SHC Boys Soccer

SHC Summer School Sports Writing & Digital Media students work on their craft.Friday morning, the SHC Sports Writing & Digital Media crew spent time tweeting during the Wimbledon semifinal match between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Andy Murray.

Friday morning, the SHC Summer Institute Sports Writing & Digital Media crew spent time tweeting during the Wimbledon semifinal match between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Andy Murray. They also spent the morning visiting with, observing, and interviewing the SHC boys soccer team as they completed their summer workout session with Coach Colin Peuse and Coach Barry McLaughlin. Here are their reports:

Purva Joshi, 6th Grade

“I analyze my players and do what’s best for them,” Coach Barry McLaughlin said. McLaughlin has been coaching at SHC for seven years and works with a lot of determination for his players. He wants his players to have a successful year like many others have had. He has lead them to many victories by making them work hard and helping them stay fit. Coach McLaughlin, along with Coach Colin Peuse, coaches a two-hour session for each team where the players work out, doing exercises such as bench press, weights, boxing exercises, the stability ball, barbells, stretching, and running. They keep fit and practice extreme exercises for their real season and lead themselves to victory.

Erin Louie, 6th Grade

Perfect practice makes perfect. The SHC’s boys soccer teams are conditioning for their next soccer season.  It’s important for the boys to do all this training because they have to become better the next soccer season.  The soccer players practice back squats, bench presses, throwing balls, and running drills.  Coach Colin Peuse says, “My primary goals for the players are to reduce injuries and secondarily to make them faster, run in the right direction, and become stronger.” Coach Peuse has been coaching at SHC for six years and coaches in the gym and weight room for 12 to 14 hours a day. The SHC’s boys soccer team, like all the teams here at SHC, practices hard to get better.

Angela Schmidt, 6th Grade

"We define discipline, persistence and determination.” This is a quote from the workout room at SHC where our Fightin’ Irish boys soccer team is working out at least two hours a day to keep in shape. In the workout room, there are stability balls, weight lifting, and many more forms of exercise and muscle training. Oscar, a sophomore at SHC, says that he is looking forward to a great new season and to score many goals for his team. Goal!

Joseph Recinos Arreola

It looks fun to work out in the weight room at Sacred Heart Cathedral. The boys soccer team players was working out in the weight room. It’s really healthy to exercise and stay in shape in order to avoid eating lots and lots of food and risk getting diabetes and heart disease. So when the guys were working out, they were using barbells, stability balls, bench-press, resistance bars and dumbbell goblet lunges. It’s good when people with a lot of weight try to lose weight because they want to be fit. Good sports to make you energetic are basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball and cross country. They can make you energetic and healthy. A lot of students at Sacred Heart Cathedral are trying to stay in shape and have fun exercising.

Alicia Cho, 5th Grade

The SHC boys soccer team is doing some workouts in the summer to help them with soccer in the winter. The soccer boys do some running drills, too. One SHC soccer player, Connor, is going into his senior of high school. He said, “I do weight lifting for one to two hours to help me get ready for soccer. My favorite exercise is conditioning."

William Appel, 5th Grade

Why do soccer players work out their upper bodies? Soccer players work on their upper body strength to run fast and just to stay in shape. Playing other sports helps in all parts of their body just like workouts and their coach can see how they are doing. All the players do other things in the summer, too, not just work out. Some, like Danny Kelly ’13, even volunteer for political campaigns.

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