When Five Hundred is Worth a Million

Kevin Buckley ’13 became the first senior in the history of SHC to receive a standing ovation at graduation. His fellow classmates rose to their feet after his name was announced as the winner of the prestigious and hard-earned Robert West Loyalty & Service Award. A wonderful young man with a permanent smile and engaging personality, Kevin was more popular than Mickey Mouse at Disneyland during his four years at SHC.
Kevin gave the entire amount of his very first paycheck to SHC as his annual gift.
So what could he possibly he do for an encore? This past spring, in response to his alma mater’s Fund for Excellence appeal (yes, we do try to start ’em early) Kevin, a freshman at the University of Oregon, gave SHC the entire amount of his very first paycheck, $500, as his annual gift. "Sure, no problem at all," was Kevin’s simple response to an enthusiastic call of thanks from the SHC Advancement team. While the amount of Kevin’s generous investment is certainly noteworthy, the true value of his gift is immeasurable. Learn more about SHC’s Fund for Excellence and donate today.

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