Update and Opportunity to Support Williams Family

We continue to be overwhelmed by the love and support all of you have provided in the past few days. Thank you.

President Brother Ron Gallagher, Chaplain Father Mark Doherty ’98 and Principal Gary Cannon visited with Rashawn’s family yesterday afternoon. We shared the love, prayers and support of the entire SHC community with them and assured them of SHC’s ongoing support and assistance. We are also in conversation with the family about the possibility of a memorial service here at SHC.

As many of our community have expressed a desire to provide some financial assistance to the family, we are happy to share the following information that we received this morning from the family:

Hello friends, family and fellow community members. If you would like to donate to help with the funeral preparations of our beloved Rashawn Williams, please do so through his memorial fund. It is the Rashawn Williams Memorial Fund. All you would have to do is call or go to any Wells Fargo Bank and mention the fund. It is tax-deductible. Thank you for all of your support.

While filled with grief, Rashawn’s family is strong and supporting one another. Several of the mother’s siblings and her mother, Rashawn’s grandmother, were gathered at the house with us. We brought some food to the family as well as many of the cards and other messages of love and support we received. We listened, hugged, prayed and talked about Rashawn, our own families and the broader SHC family. As a community, we celebrate and mourn together.

As always, continue to keep Rashawn, his family and friends, and our community in your thoughts and prayers.

Donation Information

Wells Fargo Bank Rashawn Williams Memorial Fund Account #3858364718
Routing #121042882

Located in the

Heart of the city