July 15-19, 2024 | 9 am-3 pm

Students are immersed in the dynamic, constantly evolving field of news and digital media. Students enrolled in this program will continually practice and apply writing and research skills throughout the week in an engaging, fast-paced, and collaborative setting. Students will develop and build upon their ability to write clearly and concisely, research and gather information, think and read critically, ask critical questions, examine evidence, and analyze text for bias.

Students will produce features, interviews, reviews, and opinion pieces that will be shared, reviewed, refined and edited. In addition to developing a foundation in the nuts and bolts of journalism, students will bolster their writing skills through exercises that focus on specialized skills through conducting interviews, considering audience engagement, and writing strong editorials. Short, daily debates will encourage students to think critically, support claims with evidence, and see multiple sides of the same issue. They will explore crucial questions such as: Why is it important? Who does it affect? and What is the impact?

Students will complete the week with several published pieces of writing, and sharpened critical thinking skills that will serve them well as they both consume and produce media content.

Cost: $495
: Rising 5th & 6th Graders

Lunch is included!

Instructor: Christine Buell
Ms. Christine Buell is currently the assistant principal for student life at SHC, overseeing all co curricular programs including SHC’s Community Life and Visual and Performing Arts programs. She also teaches SHC’s online AP Art History course. She has taught a variety of classes in SHC's summer programs, and looks forward to working with the younger students every year.

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