Science Facilities Revamp

Phase two of SHC’s three-phase science facility remodel completed in time for the start of the 2014-15 academic year. Existing classrooms in the La Salle Academic Building underwent an incredible facelift, creating two new chemistry labs, two science lecture classrooms and an efficient prep space. The new facilities are now outfitted with electrical and mechanical upgrades, new data wiring and technology equipment and flexible furniture that allows for meaningful student collaboration. In 2013, SHC launched our revised science curriculum, which placed freshmen in physics before they advanced to chemistry and biology.
The simultaneous introduction of the new physics classrooms and the resequencing of our science curriculum ensured an organic academic experience for all incoming freshmen.
Following the successful launch of the physics classrooms, our chemistry improvements add state-of-the-art classroom technology to support last year’s freshman class as they proceed to chemistry. The ongoing science facility upgrade is a direct response to rapid advancements in science education. The final phase of the build, scheduled to begin next summer, will create five cutting-edge biology and marine biology classrooms. Back to News

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