Entrepreneurship Workshop

June 17-21, 2024 | 9 am-3 pm

This workshop is geared towards creative thinkers who want to learn how to focus their energy towards solving real-world problems. We will talk to entrepreneurs from around the city, and learn the fundamentals of starting our own businesses. While we will keep in mind that we may have to start small, we will also learn how to dream big. The week will culminate in a "Shark Tank" style event where entrepreneurs will showcase their products and business plans to compete for "virtual" venture capital.

Cost: $425 Early Bird. $495 after April 12, 2024
: Rising 7th, 8th, & 9th Graders

Lunch is included!

Instructor: Dabney Standley
Standley's background includes six years of teaching, right out of college, at independent schools on the East coast, followed by twenty years working for high technology companies. His work with tech companies began in graduate school at NYU where he consulted for Verizon's research and development division prototyping possible uses of digital technology in the classroom. Before returning to teaching many years later, he led product development projects, honed corporate strategies, and consulted for a number of companies, including Apple, McGraw-Hill, and SRI International, as well as a couple of UK-based start-up companies. Having taken twenty years to figure out how and when to return to the classroom, Standley is now in his 11th year at SHC and is still thrilled to be back teaching. He is the Director of the Inquiry and Innovation Program, teaches computer programming and history classes, and is a faculty advisor to the Student Launch Initiative.

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