Speech & Debate

July 13-17, 2020 | 10 am-Noon

Students will spend the week mastering the basics of competitive Speech & Debate. Whether their goal is to overcome fear of public speaking, prepare arguments for a social studies debate, or get a glimpse of what competing on the SHC Speech & Debate Team will be like, students will practice public speaking skills that will help them in any academic pursuit. This course is designed to help students learn how to deliver a variety of oral presentations and to master the basics of parliamentary debate, which can be useful in the classroom, at debate tournaments and at the family dinner table. Activities will include public speaking games, mock-trials and tournaments.

Cost: $150
Ages: Students entering 7th-9th grades in the fall of 2020

Instructor: Jeffrey Juelsgard
Jeffrey Juelsgard is the SHC speech & debate moderator and also serves as a World History, Civics, and Economics teacher at SHC. Prior to his time at SHC, Jeffrey was a teacher at Woodside High School where, among other subjects, he taught Debate & Public Leadership to 9th-12th graders. He also coached the Woodside High School Debate team that competed in the Silicon Valley Urban Debate League. Jeffrey has a BA in Philosophy with a minor in Political Science form the University of San Diego, as well as a Masters in Education from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Jeffrey regularly practices mindfulness and has a passion for the humanities.

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