Video Game Development: The Game Lab

June 8-12, 2020, 10 am-Noon & June 15-19, 2020, 1-3 pm

The focus of this workshop is understanding and engineering the systems and subsystems behind 3D gameplay. We will cover 3D game development in Unity and C#, and you will learn the basics of Object-Oriented development techniques. The objective of this workshop is to create your own game, which you can take away to further refine and develop with your new found skills.

Students will be required to have a computer loaded with the latest version of Unity (Individual Personal Plan).

Cost: $150
Ages: Students entering 7th-9th grades in the fall of 2020

Instructor: Tim Glasser
Tim Glasser is a game developer and teacher who has worked on the development of many game titles, such as Rayman Advance and Spyro the Dragon. During his career, he has gained a deep understanding of game development techniques and project based learning. Mr. Glasser is an instructor in mathematics and the current moderator for SHC's Robotics club. 

Located in the

Heart of the city