The Tinker Workshop

July 6-July 23, 2021 | 9 am-noon, 1 - 4 pm

Explore exciting topics in making and tinkering, writing, and coding in this three-week workshop! Choose from our morning (9am - noon) or our afternoon (1 - 4 pm) session. Full description of topics are below.

Makers Workshop

This hands-on workshop is all about creating and making cool things with a wide range of digital and analogue tools. Our young makers will be making inanimate objects have personality using everyday materials to make a marshmallow shooting machine; building a chain reaction with 1000 tongue depressors or sewing your own working circuit using conductive thread. Each maker will get a chance to explore and develop their own creativity while having fun with others. Be prepared to show your creative side and start tinkering with everyday household supplies to make some cool projects.

Instructor: Tricia Constantino

Creative Writing

We all have a story to tell, and a deep human need to express ourselves. Creative writing does both. If you have ever loved a story, book, movie, poem, lyrics to a song, or even a particularly clever meme, you have experienced the power and pleasure of creative writing. We’ll have a look at various forms of creative writing -- fiction, scripts, poetry, lyrics, and memoirs – and try our hands at making our own. While we’ll touch upon (and you’ll get personal feedback on) technical aspects of writing – conventions, organization, word choice, creating dialog, etc. – the focus of the week will be joyful and free self-expression.

Instructor: John Zwolinski

Coding (Scratch)

Scratch is a popular block programming tool created by MIT, used worldwide by hundreds of thousands of students to create games and other programs. During the week, we will begin with the basics of block programming, move to creating games and character interactions, and end with a final project of the student’s choosing.

Instructor: Grey Todd

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