The Makers Workshop

June 14-July 2, 2021 | 9 am-noon, 1 - 4 pm

Explore exciting topics in entrepreneurship, art, and industrial art in this three-week workshop! Choose from our morning (9am - noon) or our afternoon (1 - 4 pm) session. Full description of topics are below.

Entrepreneurship Workshop

This workshop is geared towards creative thinkers who want to learn how to focus their energy towards solving real-world problems. We will take talk to entrepreneurs from around the city, and learn the fundamentals of starting our own businesses. While we will keep in mind that we may have to start small, we will also learn how to dream big. The week will culminate in a "Shark Tank" style event where entrepreneurs will showcase their products and business plans to compete for "virtual" venture capital.

Instructor: Mike Knapp

Studio Art

Young artists will explore a diversity of expression through a range of mediums, playful exercises and fun-filled projects. Beginning and advanced students will get an opportunity to develop skills in watercolor, acrylic painting, stamping, colored pencil and more. With an emphasis on contemporary pop culture, students will take exciting San Francisco excursions. Sketchbooks will be supplied to students to help develop ideas for larger projects in the Art Room. Selected viewing of cartoons and art shorts tie into the projects of this one-week mini course.

Instructor: Brian McHugh

Industrial Art

Students will learn how to design and build a large scale construction project. Students will use power tools and try their hand at welding, metal fabrication, and electrical engineering in SHC’s Sister Caroline Collins, DC, Theater Shop. We will focus on how to build with confidence and safety. No prior building and fabrication experience is necessary.

Instructor: Timothy Mahoney

Located in the

Heart of the city