The Exploration Workshop

June 14-July 2, 2021 | 9 am-noon, 1 - 4 pm

Explore exciting topics in poetry, inventing, and art in this three-week workshop! Choose from our morning (9am - noon) or our afternoon (1 - 4 pm) session. Full description of topics are below.

People, Places, & Poetry

In our People, Places, and Poetry, we will explore poetry as a way of expressing and defining the world around us. Together we will learn about the various forms of poetry and will reflect on important places in our communities and neighborhoods as well as the relationships we have to the people around us. During the week we will take "inspiration walks" and learn how to focus our "poet's eye". These processes will help us create a series of poems that vividly capture our experiences. At the end of the week, student poets will have the opportunity to share and perform an original poem.

Instructor: Alyssa Aninag

Inventors Workshop

This week is geared towards creative thinkers who want to learn how to focus their energy towards solving real-world problems. We will talk to entrepreneurs from around the city, and learn the fundamentals of starting our own businesses. While we will keep in mind that we may have to start small, we will also learn how to dream big. The week will culminate in a "Shark Tank" style event where entrepreneurs will showcase their products and business plans to compete for "virtual" venture capital.

Instructor: Mike Knapp

Art: The Color Workshop

It’s time to bring some color into your summer! Students will learn the fundamental guidelines around color combination and harmony. Through many experimentations, students will gain a full understanding of how colors can be manipulated and how they affect an artwork. After learning all about color, they will be able to test their knowledge through multiple artistic projects that they will create using paint, collaging, photography or any other medium of choice.

Hannah Donkin

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Heart of the city