The Art & Inquiry Workshop

June 14-July 2, 2021 | 9 am-noon, 1 - 4 pm

Explore exciting topics in movie making, art, and crime scene investigation in this three-week workshop! Choose from our morning (9am - noon) or our afternoon (1 - 4 pm) session. Full description of topics are below.

Movie Making

Come learn about the ins and outs of movie-making. Examine the power behind camera angles, movement, sound design, creating storylines, emotional choices, editing (using imovie), green screening, and more! Whether you want to be a director, actor, or work behind these scenes, this course will give a greater understanding of the movie industry.

Instructor: Spenser Morris

Art in the City

For centuries, artists have gone out into the world, carrying with them their easel and paints to capture the beautiful landscape. Monet depicted the beautiful sunsets, and sea life at the harbor in Paris. Van Gogh pointed away at the wheat fields in the Netherlands, and Arles. Please join us as we go out into the city of San Francisco to paint the beautiful architecture around us. Afterwards, we will come back to talk about our pieces, along with creating more fun artworks!

Instructor: Rachel Lee

Crime Scene Investigation

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to use various scientific methods to solve crimes, Crime Scene Investigation is the course for you. In this week-long course, you’ll learn about the main aspects of forensic science, analyze real evidence from historical crimes scenes, and apply your deductive skills and newly-acquired forensic knowledge to solve complex crimes.

Instructor: John Zwolinksi

Located in the

Heart of the city