Math Games

July 13-17, 2020 | 10 am-Noon & 1-3 pm

Join us for a fun week of projects and field trips that will engage students in the world of math. Learn how probability and statistics drive the world of casino gaming. See how math informs the stock market and impacts the global economy. Analyze Steph Curry’s shot chart and explore math in the world of sports. Through an interactive week of games, puzzles, and exploratory field work, students will appreciate how to read the world through the lens of math.

Cost: $150
ges: Students entering 7th-9th grades in the fall of 2020

Instructor: Nick Michels
Nick Michels has been an educator in the Bay Area for over ten years and is in his fourth year at SHC. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA in ethnomusicology with an emphasis in jazz performance. He received his master’s in education and his credential in mathematics from the University of San Francisco. Mr. Michels was born and raised San Lorenzo, California, and has lived in San Francisco for nine years. He is a very active person and considers boxing, cycling and yoga among his favorite pastimes.

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