Makers Workshop

June 29 - July 2, 2020 | 1-3 pm

This hands-on workshop is all about creating and making cool things with a wide range of digital and analogue tools. Our young makers will be making inanimate objects have personality with MakeyMakey; using everyday materials to make a marshmallow shooting machine; building a chain reaction with 1000 tongue depressors or sewing your own working circuit using conductive thread. Each maker will get a chance to explore and develop their own creativity while having fun with others. Be prepared to show your creative side and start tinkering with everyday household supplies to make some cool projects.

Supply list:

Parchment paper
Plastic wrap
Iron (with parent supervision)
Plain t-shirt or an old t-shirt to screen print
Plain/colored paper
Origami paper (or paper cut to correct size)
Shoebox, cardboard or foam board
Scraps of cardboard
Magnifying glass
Masking tape
Plastic drinking straws
Water color paint
Measuring cups/spoons
White sugar
Ice cubes
Sandwich size resealable bags
Gallon size resealable bags
Towel or oven mitts
Craft sticks/popsicle sticks (at least 6 inches long)
Different size rubber bands (wide and small)
Cardboard tubing (from paper towels, gift wrap, foil or a couple of toilet paper rolls)
Rice, dry beans, small pebbles/rocks or any other small pebble like items
String or yarn
Sewing thread
Old magazines/newspaper/grocery ads

Cost: $150
Ages: Students entering 5th and 6th grades in the fall of 2020

Instructor: Tricia Constantino
Ms. Constantino is in her 17th year as a math teacher at Sacred Heart Cathedral. She is currently the math department chair and instructor in math and science. A few years ago, she started the Making, Hacking, and Tinkering: Engineering and Physics course for upper division students. The Maker Workshop is a small glimpse of this course. 

Located in the

Heart of the city