Returning Student Orientation for 2019-20

Preparing for Returning Student Orientation: August 12

Orientation for returning students is on Monday, August 12, and it is mandatory for 10th, 11th and 12th graders. Please note the following information regarding student forms, financial status, attire and fees needed before your student arrives for Orientation:

In early June, you should have received an email from Magnus providing instructions on how to complete student forms online (see below). Submitting forms via Magnus is required for all families, and timely submission of all forms is vital to the enrollment process. You will receive weekly reminders from Mangus if there are outstanding items in your account. The following forms should be submitted via Magnus:

  • Vital health record (health history)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Consent to Treat
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral Acknowledgment Forms

And, if applicable:

  • Asthma Action Plan Form
  • Food Allergy Action Plan Form
  • Diabetes Action Plan Form
  • Seizure Action Plan Form
  • Preparticipation Physical Exam (PPE) & other Athletic Participation forms

The Magnus system will be used during the school year as well for the following:

  • Field trip permission forms

If you have issues logging into Magnus, it may be because you have not accessed your child’s Powerschool account as a parent. If this is the case, you must complete the following steps:

  • If you do not have your parent login information for Powerschool, contact Dean Mario Sazo for instructions on how to do so.
  • You must log in to your child’s Powerschool account in order to activate your Magnus Account, and it will be ready the following day.
  • Once we verify your information is in the Magnus system, you will receive a welcome email that will include information on how to access your account.

If you have accessed your child’s Powerschool account during the last two months contact Mr. Sazo, and he will be able to send you the welcome email from Magnus in order to register.

In order to participate in Orientation, all students must have financial clearance which is granted to students whose registration fee and July tuition have been paid in full (due May 17). Please contact Tuition Receivable Accountant Michelle Ong if you have questions.

Click here to view the course specific fees due on the Friday of Orientation. These fees are due only if a student is enrolled in the course(s) listed and may be in addition to textbooks found on our online bookstore provider, BNC . You may use this Resource Fee Payment Link to pay by credit card through July 31.

If your student is enrolled in an AP course, please use this AP Fee Payment Link to pay for an AP exam(s) using a credit card. After July 31, you may pay for AP fees with a check or cash at Orientation. Please write a separate checks if a student also has resource fees for a specific course(s).

On Monday, August 12, all students must come dressed in Regular Dress as described in the Student & Family Handbook. A polo shirt and regular school pants and shoes must be worn. 

Enclosed in the mailing is a copy of your tentative student schedule. Students and parents may also access class schedules through PowerSchool. Please use the same parent and student logins as last year. Contact for PowerSchool login assistance.

Orientation for Returning Students: August 12

Sophomores, juniors and seniors will meet in the Pavilion for class meetings. Reporting times are listed below. After this meeting, students will meet with their counselors and then proceed to the Dining Hall. Room assignments for counselor meetings will be emailed to students and families and will be posted in the La Salle Campus Plaza.

Please make sure you arrive at your scheduled time.

  • Seniors: 8 am in the Pavilion
  • Juniors: 9:30 am in the Pavilion
  • Sophomores: noon in the Pavilion

Orientation Agenda:

  • Mandatory Meeting with Counselor
  • Unpaid Resource List of Resource Fees
  • Unpaid AP Fees AP Fee Payment Link
  • School Form/Financial Clearance
  • Distribution of Official Student Class Schedules
  • Locker Assignment 
  • Student Body Card Pictures
  • Parking Pass Registration (if applicable, chosen by lottery 2nd week of school)
  • Purchase of School Supplies (optional)

Pictures for the Student Body Card will be taken when you report to school on August 12. All students must come dressed in Regular Dress updated this year as stated in the Student and Family Handbook. Hair should be neatly groomed. Boys are to be clean-shaven. Modified dress is not permitted when you report on August 12. Please complete and return this form at orientation with payment if you would like to order pictures. You may also purchase them from Prestige Portraits in late September. Students who are not suitably groomed will not be allowed to participate in Orientation, which includes having their picture taken.

Preparing for the First Day of Class: August 14

Class Schedule
A class schedule for the 2019–20 academic year is included in the July 9 summer mailing. Please understand that this is a tentative schedule; you will receive your final class schedule at Orientation on August 12. Review your schedule carefully to make sure that it contains six academic classes each semester.

Requesting a Schedule Change
Before requesting a schedule change, please know that we do NOT honor schedule changes based on teacher preferences. Such requests will invariably be denied. Appeals regarding admission to honors and AP classes will not be considered because the process was completed in the spring semester; all limited enrollment courses are now full. As those prerequisites noted, students who may have initially qualified for limited enrollment courses may no longer be qualified if their second semester grades did not meet the requirements. Please be aware that schedule changes will be extremely difficult to accommodate once the school year begins; therefore, it is to your advantage to request changes as soon as you receive your schedule. Some courses were cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. Students who requested alternates were placed in those courses; otherwise, students were placed in courses similar to their original request.

Your request for a schedule change must be received via email to Director of Studies Kate McFadden. Class changes will be made after August 5. Changes will be considered in the order in which they are received. In order for us to consider your schedule change, you must state what change you are requesting and why. Please include contact information (i.e., email address, phone numbers) in case further information is needed.

Purchasing Textbooks
Students may purchase their books online through MBS Direct beginning July 8. Free shipping has been arranged from July 22-28. Please click here to purchase books and here to see if there are any Resource Fees associated with your classes. Be sure to order your books by August 1 to ensure their arrival in time for the first day of school. Free shipping dates are July 22-28. No books will be sold on the day you report to school. However, the SHC Prep Shop will be open for the purchase of SHC school supplies and SHC apparel (no SHC polos are sold in the Prep Shop).

How to Purchase SHC Polo Shirts and Mass Day Attire
All students may purchase long- or short-sleeved SHC polo shirts and Mass Day Attire from Lands’ End. Families may also purchase from the Pre-Order items here. The SHC Block Club Sweater, SHC Game Day Jacket, or any SHC school-issued jacket may also be worn on Mass days for students who have earned one. Please thoroughly review the SHC Dress Code and allow two to three weeks for Lands’ End to process orders to ensure students are in proper dress at Orientation.

Purchasing SHC School Skirt (Optional)
School skirts can be purchased at Dennis Uniforms online through Dennis Uniforms or at their store (590 10th Street in San Francisco).

Device Policies & School Supplies
Teachers will provide a syllabus on the first day of each class and will notify students of any supplies needed. For more information on our device policies, please find our BYOD minimum system specifications on the SHC website Academics>Educational Technology.

Schedule for the First Week of School (Daily Bell Schedule)

Wednesday, August 14
7:55 am start for all students
First Day of Instruction, All Classes Meet (Full Rotation)
2:30 pm Dismissal
Blocks 7, 8, 9 will not meet until Thursday and Friday of this week.

Thursday, August 15 
7:55 am start for Block 1
Mass 1,2,3 Schedule
2:30 pm Dismissal

Friday, August 16 
7:55 am start for Block 8
9:30 start for Block 4
Gold 8,4,5,6  Schedule
2:30 pm Dismissal

Athletic Participation Requirements

Student-athletes must fulfill the form requirements before participating in athletic tryouts, preseason conditioning/weightlifting sessions, etc. The SHC Pre-Participation Physical Exam (PPE) Form completed in Magnus, and forms completed by a physician (MD or DO) will be accepted and must be completed online. Please contact Head Athletic Trainer Oscar Melero if you have any questions regarding the PPE or Athletic Participation forms.

Cross Country
10th-12th Grade: Monday, 8/12, Kezar, 3:30 pm
9th Grade: Wednesday, 8/14, Kezar, 3:30 pm

Varsity: Friday, 8/9, Practice Field, 3-6 pm
9th Grade: Wednesday, 8/14, Practice Field, 3-6 pm

Girls Golf
10th-12th Grades: Monday, 8/12, Presidio, 3 pm
Frosh: Monday, 8/19, Presidio, 3 pm

Girls Tennis
10th-12th Grades: Monday, 8/12, SFSU tennis courts, 3:30 pm
All grade levels: Wednesday, 8/14, SFSU tennis courts, 3:30 pm

Girls Volleyball
Varsity (10th-12th graders): Monday, 8/12, SHC Pavilion/Gym, 12-2:30 pm and 5:30-8pm
JV and Frosh: Monday, 8/19, SHC Pavilion, 5-7:30 pm

Important Phone Numbers & Extensions

  • SHC 415.775.6626
  • Main Office Press 0
  • Attendance Press 1 or ext. 760
  • Finance and Facilities (including Tuition) Office Press 2
  • Advancement Office Press 3
  • Alumni Office Press 4
  • Office of Communications Press 5
  • Admissions Office Press 6
  • Registrar (student records/transcripts) Press 7 or ext. 868
  • Tuition Office ext. 567

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