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About SHC’s Inquiry & Innovation Program

The Inquiry & Innovation Program is a challenging four-year academic and enrichment program based around a core of STEM disciplines designed for students to build the collaboration, problem solving, and leadership skills that will enable them to play important roles in addressing the issues that will face them in the future. Students in the i2 Program expand their creative, analytic, and collaborative thinking abilities through science, mathematics, technology and design courses. Through field trips, talks, performances, and outdoor adventures, they cultivate their curiosity and interests outside of the classroom. As they involve themselves in the many programs at SHC, including robotics, the Student Launch Initiative, and TEDxYouth@SHC, they build their capability to serve as positive agents of change in the world.

i2 Scholar Characteristics & Expectations

Ninth grade applicants to the i2 Program must demonstrate high academic achievement through exemplary middle school grades and standardized test scores. More importantly, an i2 scholar should embody an intrinsic curiosity about the world, the ability to imagine a more just world, and a service ethos to help construct that world. During high school, i2 scholars must:

  • Achieve at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA and a B average or higher in math and science courses.
  • Maintain the highest standards of behavior as prescribed by the school.
  • Be models of curiosity, innovation and service for the entire SHC community.

SHC Winter Institute

Registration for Winter Institute opens on November 13, 2021!

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