Let Us Remember

Our Celebratory Giving Program provides an opportunity to honor someone who has passed, pray for someone who is ill, or celebrate a loved one on a special occasion.

For a suggested amount of $50, your “Star” will decorate our website throughout the season, and our students will celebrate your loved ones at our school Advent Masses. Their names will also be placed in our upcoming spring SHC Magazine.

Celebrate someone you love, and let the SHC community share with you in the Spirit of the Season.

Celebratory Stars for the 2020-21 Christmas Season

Please note that names are added weekly as gifts are received. Please email advancement@shcp.edu if you have already given a gift and do not yet see your name.

Chip Fulbright ’12
Wayne Alba
Anita Boragno
Carmela Corritore
Sam Corritore
George Dudum ’69
John Fernandez ’50
Katie Hallisy
Dennis Haymond
George Haymond
Tom Horan, Jr. ’40
Brad Humphrey
Betsy James
Bernice Johnston
Cyrus Kon ’71
Shirley Kramer
Ronald MacDonald 1925
Kevin Maguire
Barbara McClure
Phil Moorley
Debbie Odom
Robert Panina
Anita Parton
Charles Ratto
Rosalie Scalise Tallerico
Warren Spiegel
Emilio Tallerico
Paul Vigo
Don Wild ’61
Madeline Wild
The Kardum & Portillo Family
Cathy Kelber
Charles Lewkowitz
Charles Lewkowitz
Val McKeever, Jr. ’45
Val McKeever, Jr. ’45
Mary Alice McNaughton
The Deceased Members of the Quan Family
Carmela Corritore
Sam Corritore
Janice Mirikitani
Anita Parton
Don Wild ’61
Foster Wild
Madeline Wild
Frank Doonan ’62
Tom Doonan ’57
The Krueger Family
Jack Nerney
Jonathan Zink ’69
Maria Adams
Dorothy Armstrong
Kent Clayburn
Isabelle Courtault
Tom Duffy ’52
John Ford
Nick Ford
Rose Ford
Anthony Illia
John Illia, Jr. ’57
Alice Neff
Kenneth Neff ’50
Jerry Phillips
Catherine Callaghan
Ellen Mangini Crosson ’65
Kenneth Domingues '50
John Foran ’48
Barbara Crotty Frost ’44
Brian Frost
William Frost ’40
Nancy Kelly
Emil Mangini
Hilda Mangini
Joseph McDermott
Isako Momono
Bob Roemer
Joan Roemer
Alex Sanchez
Mary Thiel
Art Zanello '51

Bernice Creedon
Dermott Creedon
Mike Dunne
Harvey Anderson ’74
Ron Berndtson
Bonnie Cassinelli
Jenny Lee Chinn ’85
Patricia Curley
John Fall
Anne Holland ’81
John Holland ’33
Mary King Holland ’42
Marci Hooper
Oscar Jimenez ’70
The Kennedy Family
Michael Montague
Julie Ng ’84
Rich Petrocchi ’51
Cynthia and Robert Shannon
Mike Symkowick ’69
Bachan Woo
Grandma Yee
Ramsey Musallam, Ed.D.
Angel Arriada
Bernard Cuburu
William Keiper
George Barry
Jane Barry
The Christian Brothers, FSC

Jesse Callejas ’03
Marciano Esparza Colis
Con Corkery
Sophia Del Carlo ’18
Dina Jeinn
John Jeinn
Helen Monaco
John Monaco
Norman Pearson
Rich Petrocchi ’51
Joanne Ryan
Gene Simpson ’49
Anne Marie Tassone
John Bugatto
Lillian But ’10
The Class of 2022
Albert Kinas
Joan Kinas
Etienne Martinez McSherry ’22
Frank Nann ’50
George Nann ’57
Rich Petrocchi ’51
Ana Post
Maya Thone
Agnes Anderholden
Don Anderson ’44
Helen Armstrong
Dan Barden ’59
Edward Barry ’32
Edward Barry ’32
Margaret Berry
Bob Bisio ’65
Ernie Boggs
Albert Brandi
Madeline Brandi
Terry Brennan
Adele Bruschera
Art Bruschera
Ernie Burgi
Nita Burgi
Jesse Callejas ’03
Jesse Callejas ’03
Margaret Carberry
Richard Carberry ’41
Sandy Castagnola
Sam Cilia
Patricia Collins Robles
Edward Crosetti ’51
Ellen Mangini Crosson ’65
John Cunnie ’52
Anne Curutchet
Jean Curutchet
Dennis DeVost ’71
Philip Francis Doherty
Mike Dunne
Bill Farrell ’79
Tin Chor Gee
Ernie Gomes
Donna Gray Sheehan
Mike Gregory
Rocco Gulli
Joey Harp ’86
Lucas Havlin ’22
Steven Jones
Mary Kelly
Rose Kelly
Tommy Kelly
Makiko Kotake
Maureen Laval
Fernanda Lazaro
Bob Lint

Sean Litton
Emil Mangini
Hilda Mangini
Eulogia Mariategue
Julian Mariategue
Jack McDonagh
John McGuckin, Jr.
Dennis McMahon
Monsignor Thomas Merson
Andrew Moore ’08
Declan Nevin
Grace Nevin
Maeve Nevin
Catherine O’Connell
John O’Connell
Jim O’Malley
Marion O’Malley
Sara O’Sullivan
Chizzie Omori
Janice Ottonello
Diana Pallari
Patrick Pallari ’62
Peter Pallari
Julian Pardini ’49
Jerry Phillips
Sr. M. Redempta, HFS
Ronald Retana ’51
Robert Robideaux
Robert Sattui ’47
Bill Shore, Jr.
Evangelina Villasica
Peregrina Villasica
Alexander Von Hauffe
Alla Von Hauffe
George Von Hauffe
Leon Von Hauffe
Dorothy Von Lehr
Fred Von Lehr
Agostino Zambonin
Lena Zambonin
Ron Zucca Armando Amoroso
Mara Balanesi Amato
Richard Brady ’45
Frank Cercos
K.P. Hatch
Eileen Kennedy
Vincent Kennedy
Edward McNab ’49
George Morris, Jr.
Merlin Porter, III ’81
Virginia Ryan
Peter Sexton ’34
The Deceased Members of The Hupke Family
The Deceased Members of The Jones Family

Celebratory Stars

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