Information & Resources: COVID-19

For questions about students who plan to travel, or have recently traveled, to areas with community spread of COVID-19, refer to CDC’s FAQ for travelers.

Report Date: 03-02-2020
24-Hour Daily Situational Awareness Report

Priority Information / Current Notable Local Incidents:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed 16 cases of the recently named COVID-19 (novel coronavirus-2019) in California thus far:

7 – Santa Clara County*
2 – San Benito County
2 – San Diego County
1 – Humbolt County
1 – Los Angeles County
1 – Orange County
1 – Sacramento County
1 – Yolo County
0 – San Francisco County
0 – Marin County
0 – San Mateo County

* Santa Clara County is reporting 7 total cases at this time. Numbers may vary from other sources.

Additional Coronavirus Information

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