30th Annual Walkathon

The Walkathon is SHC’s one-and-only student-led fundraiser which culminates in a celebratory walk through Golden Gate Park. So much of the SHC student experience is made possible by the Walkathon’s longstanding tradition of students supporting students. We are thrilled to dedicate proceeds from the 30th Annual to the student travel fund, scholarships and the De Paul Gallery Project. Stay tuned for more information!


When is the Walkathon?
Friday, September 13, 2019. Students should arrive at the Polo Fields and be seated with their Homerooms by 8:30 am. Students will be dismissed before 1 pm. We encourage families to communicate with students regarding their afternoon plans.

Is this mandatory?
Yes. All students must be present and attendance will be taken. If your student is ill or unable to come to the Walkathon, standard absence procedures apply.

When is the Early Bird Deadline?
Wednesday, August 28. Read on for more information about Early Bird incentives.

Where does the money go?

Money raised during the Walkathon directly supports the students of SHC! The 2019 Walkathon will support the transformation of the De Paul Gallery Project. This year, proceeds will support the transformation of the space as you enter our De Paul Campus for the Arts. Our new De Paul Campus Gallery will serve as SHC's largest indoor common area providing students with a comfortable, flexible, and collaborative space to gather and learn together. The versatile space will also transform into an event venue and reception area enhancing our visual and performing arts program, allowing us to host alumni gatherings, and much more.

To date, the Walkathon has helped fund:

  • Transformation of Science Facilities
  • Fitness for Life Program
  • Fitness Center
  • Sister Teresa Piro, DC, Student Life Center
  • Herbst Library & Information Center
  • Laptop Computers in the Library
  • SHC Gateway at Gough and Ellis streets
  • Strength & Conditioning Weight Room
  • Student Launch Initiative
  • Student travel, scholarships, technology upgrades and more

How do I get started?

  • Create your fundraiser.
  • Spread the word by reaching out to neighbors, local merchants, former teachers, coaches, family and friends to sponsor you.
  • Share your story. Tell people why you are proud to be an SHC student. Set up your fundraiser and spread the word!
  • Show your gratitude by thanking those who have donated to your fundraiser.

What are the Early Bird incentives?
Reach your goal of $200 or more, online or by mail by Wednesday, August 28, and receive these rewards for the duration of the Walkathon:

  • Taco truck celebration
  • One ticket for the Bruce-Mahoney Football Game (Friday, September 27)
  • Modified Dress every day from September 3–13
  • Off campus lunch passes for you and a guest on a designated day
  • Lunch line "cut pass" (Pro tip: save for an all-school lunch day!)
  • Participate in the spinning prize wheel at lunch and win goodies and gift cards

Fundraising Goals:

Once certain level is reached, students will also receive the prior incentives (ex. If you hit the $350 level, you will also receive the incentives for the $200 and $250 levels)  

  • $200 or more at any time and enjoy Modified Dress starting the day you hit your $200 goal and participate in the Spinning Prize Wheel at lunch. Get a spin for every $200 you raise! 
  • $250 or more and parents will be entered in a raffle to win two tickets to the 2020 Spring Gala! Students will receive a Lunch Line “Cut” Pass good until Thanksgiving and one Modified Free Dress Pass! 
  • $350 or more and receive a Bruce-Mahoney Tshirt, one ticket to a Bruce-Mahoney game, two modified Dress Passes, and raffle entry to win 2 tickets to either Homecoming, Winter Ball, or Prom (your choice!)
  • $500 or more: Shamrock Status! You will receive the following:
    • One Bruce-Mahoney T-shirt 
    • All 3 Bruce-Mahoney Tickets (1 for Football, 1 for Basketball, and 1 for Baseball)
    • Off-campus lunch pass for you and a guest on a designated day
    • Three Modified Dress Passes
    • Raffle entry to win 2 tickets to either Homecoming, Winter Ball, or Prom (your choice!)
    • Lunch Line “Cut” Pass good until Thanksgiving.

How do I sponsor a student?
You can sponsor a student by making a donation to our General Walkathon Sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor a specific student, please include the student’s name and class year in the fields provided, or search for a specific student by visiting our fundraising site and clicking on the fundraiser tab. You can also send a check to SHC by printing out a Sponsorship Form to the SHC Office of Advancement.


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