Current Athletics FAQ

Updated: February 21, 2021

1. What are the requirements for athletic participation?

In order to participate in athletics, student athletes must submit the following:

  1. Magnus Health: Athletic Participation requirements must be completed on Magnus.
  2. Up-to-date Pre-participation Physical Exam (PPE) Form on file on Magnus (available for download on Magnus, please upload to Magnus once completed) ONLY SHC PPE Forms signed by a physician (MD or DO) will be accepted.
  3. Negative COVID-19 test results on file with the Attendance Office (no more than 14 days before start of participation, and every two weeks thereafter).
  4. Submit to the Acknowledgment of Health Risks Form and SHC Community Health Pledge Form (if a student is attending in-person classes, these forms are already on file — please do not submit a second time).

Coaches are provided with a list of students on their roster and their participation status. Please check on status with them before reaching out to the contacts below:

  • If you need assistance accessing your Magnus account, please contact Dean, Mr. Mario Sazo.
  • For questions regarding athletic participation requirements or the current status of a PPE form on file, please contact Director of Sports Medicine Mr. Oscar Melero.

2. Where can I get the latest info and tryout dates for my sport?

As things have been very fluid, we recommend that you join the Schoology group for your sport to receive the latest updates. You may request the specific Schoology code from your sport’s head coach. 2020-21 Sports Season Information

3. What safety measures has the Department of Athletics put in place to ensure the safety of our student-athletes and coaches?

The school has implemented numerous safety measures to ensure the safety and well-being of all SHC Athletics participants, including the following:

  • Coaches, athletic staff and student athletes are required to complete a COVID-19 test every two weeks.
  • Masks must be worn at all times by students-athletes and coaches.
  • Daily health screenings via Ruvna are required from both coaches and student athletes before arriving on-campus.
  • The sanitization of all equipment at the end of each cohort’s use.
  • Hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the athletic facilities.

4. What are the season start dates for the athletic teams this year?

IMPORTANT: These start dates are contingent upon meeting certain criteria outlined in the CA Department of Public Health Color Tier Assignments, SFDPH directives, league and school requirements.

5. How do I let my coaches know which sport(s) I intend to play this year?

Head coaches will be communicating directly with student-athletes who have played previously or have signed up using Google Forms. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our coaches and communicate directly with them.

6. Where can I find the latest guidelines from the various organizations governing high school athletics?

SHC Athletics are subject to the directives and rules outlined by the following entities:

7. How do I find out what “colored tier” my sport is in?

Linked here are the CIF modifications for all sports and the colored tiers associated with them. CIF Current Sport Modifications (February 16)

8. Is a student-athlete able to play more than one high school sport this year?

Yes. A student-athlete may play a Season 1 sport (e.g., cross country, football, or women’s volleyball) and a Season 2 sport. If you are interested in playing more than one sport, it is important that you communicate directly with each coaching staff to ensure that they are aware of your interest.

9. Can a student-athlete play on a club and a high school team at the same time?

Current San Francisco County directives state that students are only permitted in one cohort, thus either one or the other.

10. Can a student-athlete play on more than one high school team at the same time?

Current San Francisco County directives state that students are only permitted in one cohort, thus either one or the other.

11. What is the SHC Athletic Department mask policy?

Masks must be worn by student-athletes and coaches at all times; the only exceptions are Swimming & Diving. Student-athletes are permitted to move their masks during their water breaks provided they are socially distancing.

12. Do masks need to be worn during games/competitions?

Currently, yes.

13. Can student-athletes use the locker rooms after school to change?

Currently, the locker rooms are closed. Student athletes are asked to change in the school bathrooms and not exceed the maximum number of persons indicated by the signage.

14. What will transportation look like this year?

Due to stringent limitations on school sponsored transportation, families must provide individual transportation for the remainder of the school year. More information will come from our coaching staff once schedules are finalized. Note: a reminder that CDPH guidelines specify that carpooling is not allowed.

15. What schools will our teams play this year?

State guidelines currently permit contests within a school’s county and adjacent counties. The WCAL has been split into two sections: North (St. Ignatius, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Archbishop Riordan, and Junipero Serra) and South (Archbishop Mitty, Bellarmine, Presentation, St. Francis, and Valley Christian).

16. If I am a transfer student, what does the sit out period (SOP) look like for me for this school year?

The CIF and the CCS have adjusted the Sit Out Period for transfer students to account for all the scheduling changes this year; these changes vary by sport and by game limit. Coaches will speak with the individual student-athlete directly to explain.

17. What do on campus student-athletes do after school while waiting for practice to begin?

Student-athletes may do schoolwork in the La Salle Plaza, the Library and the De Paul lobby and must remain socially distanced. Desks are set up in these areas to help students maintain social distancing.

18. Will parents and spectators be allowed to watch contests?

CDPH guidelines direct schools to “limit observation of youth sports (age 18 years and under) to immediate household members, and for the strict purpose of age appropriate supervision. This includes observation of practice and competition.” Additional restrictions may be imposed by the County, Section, League and/or school.

19. Will you be streaming athletic events this season?

The Athletic Department will stream as many events as possible. Access to live streams can be found on the SHCtv Sports YouTube page.

20. What are the policies when a player tests positive for COVID-19?

If a student-athlete tests positive, they should contact Mr. Sazo in the Dean’s Office who will assist them in the necessary steps.

21. What is the Return to Play policy following a positive COVID-19 test?

Students recovering from COVID-19 will have different paths to return to sports based on the severity of their illness. Following a positive COVID-19 test, a student-athlete is required to follow SFDPH Guidance: isolate for at least 10 days after the symptoms started, exhibit no fever for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication, and be symptom- free.

Once notified of a positive COVID-19 test by Mr. Sazo (Dean), the Athletic Trainers will reach out to the student and parents/guardians and provide the necessary forms/information. In accordance with the CDPH and the American Academy of Pediatrics COVID-19 Interim Guidance: Return to Sports, students must provide the Athletic Trainers with the COVID-19 Physician Form allowing them to begin a gradual return to physical activity progression at the conclusion of the 10-day isolation period.

22. Do student-athletes have to quarantine when moving from one cohort to another?

There is currently no quarantine period for student-athletes moving from one cohort to another.

23. If I travel, do I have to quarantine for 10 days?

SFDPH guidelines require a 10-day quarantine for anyone who has traveled outside of the 10 Bay Area Counties: San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, Sonoma, Napa, Marin and Santa Cruz.

24. Will teams practice every day and at what times?

We will do our best to provide practice time for each of our sports teams but with the potential for many teams overlapping, we ask teams to be patient and flexible.

25. How do we ensure that schools and officials we come in contact with during competition are following the same protocols?

Visiting schools and officials are under the same health guidelines as our school and will be required to comply with the guidelines of those schools or organizations.

26. When will the weight room be open?

According to SFDPH guidelines, the weight room will be allowed to reopen with very limited capacity in the Red Tier with gradual increases in capacity in other tiers.

27. When I am coming from home to a practice, how do I check in and should I come already dressed out for practice?

Student-athletes will check in and complete a health screening via the Campus Safety desk on either campus; student-athletes should come dressed for practice. If a practice is off campus, student athletes will do the health screening and check in with their coaches.

28. What should I bring every day for practice?

Students should bring multiple masks (in case one breaks or gets wet) as well as their own water bottle.

29. Are there state, regional, and CCS Championships this year?

The CIF has cancelled all sectional, regional, and CIF championships for Season 1 sports. At this time, sectional, regional, and CIF championships are still scheduled for Season 2 sports. Please see below:

Located in the

Heart of the city