Summer Institute Lunch Program

SHC's Summer Institute is proud to partner with Creative Catering for the delivery of a healthy lunch menu for all summer participants. Below is the 2014 Summer Institute weekly lunch menu.  

Summer 2014 Lunch Menu


Hamburger with Lettuce and Tomato

Sliced American Cheese on the side

Sliced Watermelon and Bag of Baked Chips/Sunchips/Pretzels



Baked Chicken Strips

 Grapes & Baked Potato Wedges



 All Beef Hot Dogs or Smart Puppy

Carrot Sticks with Ranch Dressing & Baked Potato Wedges



Chicken Burrito with Rice, Black Beans, and Cheese

Grapes & Tortilla Chips and Salsa



Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza

 Granola Bar & Chocolate Chip Cookie


 Offered Daily

Milk, Ice Water & Lemonade

 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches may be substutited for entrees on any given day.


Menu subject to change without notice. Parents and participants are expected to take proper precautions for any food allegeries.