Yale to host STEM forum at SHC

September 27, 2016   |  

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is proud to announce the Yale Science & Engineering Forum which will be held in the Sister Caroline Collins, DC, Theater on October 1 at 1 pm.

Presenters include Yale faculty and staff members: Ayaska Fernando (Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Director of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Recruitment), Vincent Wilczynski (Deputy Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, James S. Tyler Director, Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design), and Debra Fisher (Professor of Astronomy and Geology & Geophysics).

The presenters will offer their perspectives on science and engineering at Yale, where world-class research and world-class undergraduate education combine to create extraordinary opportunities on campus and beyond.

All prospective students are welcome, especially those considering a major in science and/or engineering.

SHC Director of Inquiry & Innovation Liam Carey shares, “In our first year with four classes of I2 students (9th–12th grade) we’re looking to continue facilitating growth in science, tech, math, engineering and design thinking for our students as they graduate from the SHC I2 program. Yale’s visit is perfectly timed, and we’re thrilled to host them on SHC’s campus.”

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