Tierra Rogers '09 Honored at Cal

February 27, 2013

Rogers at Cal (Photo courtesy of the Contra Costa Times)Tierra Rogers '09 was honored Sunday for a Cal basketball career that doesn't show up in any game summaries or box scores.

The former high school All-American from San Francisco has spent the last four seasons persevering through two devastating personal tragedies -- her father's murder and a rare heart condition that ended her playing days.

Though the ailment has prevented Rogers from logging a single minute on the court, she's remained on scholarship with the women's team, inspiring and motivating a Bears squad on the brink of a Pac-12 Conference championship.

"She's never officially put on a jersey, never checked into a game, never scored a basket, and yet we would all still say she's one of the most significant players in Cal Bears history," Cal coach Lindsay Gottlieb said. "She's found a way to make her impact felt in the community and on the team even without playing. I can't overemphasize how important that's been to all of us."

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