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College Information for Parents of Seniors
Parents of seniors are introduced to college application procedures: websites, deadlines, teacher letters of recommendation, secondary school reports, personal statements/college application essays and test score submissions. Parents become acquainted with the various factors that influence how colleges make admission decisions.

College Financial Aid Information for Parents of Seniors

The philosophy of college financial aid is explained to parents of seniors. Those parents seeking financial aid for their child’s collegiate education are walked through the primary document—the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Procedures are also explained for institutions that require the PROFILE in addition to the FAFSA. Parents leave knowing financial aid deadlines, documents required by each college, the appeals process, the award letters process, and how to submit documentation explaining a specific family situation affecting the parents’ ability to pay for college.   

College Information for Parents of Freshmen

The information sessions for parents of freshmen are intended to introduce the subject and scholarship requirements needed for admission to four-year colleges from secondary schools. In addition, parents are initiated into the four-year sequential testing for college programs offered through SHC.  

College Information for Parents of Sophomores

After a review of the information session for parents of freshmen, parents of sophomores become acquainted with particular college admission terms, such as weighted and unweighted grade point averages and strength of curriculum. They’ll also learn about upcoming tests their student will take—such as PLAN, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP—in order to advise them about selecting colleges, as well as the importance of college majors and when and how to make arrangements for visiting college campuses. 

College Information for Parents of Juniors

Parents of juniors are introduced to the differences between the SAT and the ACT and learn which test may better present their student’s academic strengths for college admissions based on the student’s PLAN and PSAT scores. Parents discover how to place colleges on their student’s college admissions index ranging from virtually “sure bets” for their student’s acceptance to those that have extremely competitive admission standards. Parents become familiar with the process of discerning a major, of applying under early action or early decision, of visiting college campuses, and of attending college fairs.