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Scholarships enable SHC to provide an academically rigorous, Catholic education to all students regardless of their financial situation.

Your gift of tuition assistance allows SHC to continue to serve an economically diverse student population in accordance with our mission and philosophy.

General Scholarships

Your gift to the General Scholarship Fund can be utilized immediately as tuition assistance for a family with demonstrated need. Your donation toward a general scholarship makes an instant impact on an SHC student and the larger community.

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Endowed Scholarships

Your gift toward an endowed scholarship is a way to contribute to SHC and its community in perpetuity. Your donation toward an endowed scholarship is professionally invested. Each year, approximately 5% of the market value of your gift will be awarded as scholarship funds for families with demonstrated need based on the criteria you establish at creation of the scholarship.

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Looking for the Class of ’88 Memorial Faculty Enrichment Endowed Fund?