Safety & Security

SHC’s urban campus location is one of our best assets. In order for students, faculty and staff to take advantage of all our location has to offer, safety and security play a primary role like any organization in San Francisco. SHC ensures a safe and secure campus by implementing the following security measures to safeguard our community.


  • Campus security is overseen by full-time security personnel on campus from 6:30 am–10 pm daily, led by a full-time director of security and former San Francisco police officer.
  • Athletic safety is overseen by two full-time athletic trainers, certified in first aid, CPR and automated external defibrillators. 


SHC’s facilities are safeguarded by the following measures:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Blue-light emergency phone system
  • Automated emergency phone system
  • Automated external defibrillators throughout campus
  • Constant campus upgrades to sidewalks, tree trimming and other external environmental conditions that may affect the safety of the school community


SHC’s security team takes these steps to continue skill development:

  • Conduct annual security reviews
  • Attend Homeland Security and Justice Department crisis response workshops
  • Update and implement emergency response and earthquake preparedness procedures
  • Perform schoolwide safety drills once a month