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New Year’s Resolution

On January 1st of last year, I decided to begin a New Year's resolution called 365 Days of Gratitude. Typically, like most people, I do not last very long when I commit to a resolution, but I decided to give this idea a shot. My goal was to write down one thing every day that I was thankful for and... Read More

LOTE Decks the Halls

SHC's Languages Other Than English Department has many reasons to celebrate their students' successes this holiday season. Over the course of this semester, LOTE juniors participated in nearly 3,000 hours of service-learning. AP Spanish and AP Mandarin both garnered a 100 percent pass rate for... Read More

When Five Hundred is Worth a Million

Kevin Buckley '13 became the first senior in the history of SHC to receive a standing ovation at graduation. His fellow classmates rose to their feet after his name was announced as the winner of the prestigious and hard-earned Robert West Loyalty & Service Award. A wonderful young man with a... Read More

A Clean Well-Lighted Library, but Far More

By Brother Joseph Fabiano, FSC When I arrived in 1966 the school library was slightly larger than a regular classroom with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. That library was situated on the first floor basement level of the old classroom building, where the Student Life Center now graces our campus.... Read More

Summer Programming Class Superstars

I had the opportunity to teach a class over the summer at SHC that was an introduction to coding in Visual Basic 6.0. We used Code HS—an online programming curriculum—as our base for the class. The students completed activities and watched training videos online before writing code to apply... Read More