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The Varelas: SHC Family of 10

Rafael Varela and his wife, Lilia, have sent each of their eight children to SHC. Their love for SHC grows with each child, a testament to the school's important role in the development of each of the Varela students. Mr. Varela shares with us his experience as an SHC family of 10. How many... Read More

Top 5 Reasons to go on Kairos

The first rule of Kairos is that you do not speak about Kairos. Well...that's not entirely true. Kairos is a senior-level retreat that allows students to reflect upon their lives at a critical time in their development as young adults. Kairos is a Greek word that refers to a moment of opportunity,... Read More

Teaching For America

This summer, following her recent graduation from Cornell University (ranked No. 16 by US News & World Report), SHC alumna and former Piro Scholar Lesley Alegria '10 attended the 2014 Teach For America Summer Institute. This teacher-training intensive prepared her for service as a San Francisco... Read More