Traditions & Champions

The Fightin’ Irish won a school record five CCS titles in 2011-12.The proud Fightin’ Irish athletic tradition that dates back to the late 19th century has never been stronger than in the 21st century. Since 2000, the Irish have taken home 11 league titles and 45 CCS, NorCal and State titles.

The Irish currently compete on 53 teams playing 23 sports, both the highest number in school history. In 2011-12, SHC athletics had its finest season in its 120-plus year history, winning five CCS championships (girls volleyball, boys soccer, girls basketball, boys basketball and boys volleyball) and one Northern California championship (boys basketball).

Dating back to a rugby game in 1893, our friendly crosstown rivalry with Saint Ignatius is often cited as the oldest Catholic school rivalry in the West and one of the oldest in the country. Since the schools are located so close to one another, many student-athletes from both schools played together in grammar school and on club teams, which only adds to the excitement on the field, court, course or track, and of course in the stands as well. From this rivalry has grown the revered Bruce-Mahoney competition, in which the schools hand a trophy back and forth each year depending on who wins two-of-three in football, baseball and boys basketball.

Another such competition is the Stanfel Cup, which is traded back and forth between SHC and another San Francisco rival, Archbishop Riordan High School, after their annual football game. The Stanfel Cup has been played for since 1992 and is named for Nick Stanfel, a Riordan alumnus who went on to coach football at SHC.