Alumni Profiles

Carl Reed ’92

Carl Reed ’92 comes from a long family line of SHC graduates and brings his unique talents to our alumni community. After college, Carl took an unexpected career path and discovered his passion for sports administration and event management. We sat down with him recently to learn more. Enjoy his... Read More

Nora Walsh-DeVries ’08

Get to know Nora and her exciting career in politics as she works tirelessly in anticipation for this year's Presidential election. What was your experience like at SHC? I loved the general focus of SHC and the community, especially regarding social justice. I was active as a Lasallian... Read More

Dominick Bei ’02

A Santa Monica fireman and candidate for city council, Dominick Bei took a moment to reminisce about his days at SHC and his plans to serve his community. What are some of your fondest SHC memories? I remember being on the freshmen campus and being in awe of the school and the students. It seems... Read More

Ken Hogarty ’66

Former principal, current director of the De Paul Scholar Program, and a graduate of Sacred Heart Class of 1966, Dr. Ken Hogarty, sat down to discuss his journey at SHC over the last fifty years. What are your first memories of your time at Sacred Heart?  I actually took an English class meant... Read More

René Picazo ’90

From Georgetown University to Spain, London, New York City, and back to San Francisco, managing director and senior relationship manager for Wells Fargo René Picazo ’90 has had the opportunity to see the world and build relationships one partner at a time. What are some of the most... Read More

Arnold Wong ’84

Tell us about your time at Sacred Heart and growing up on Haight Street. I remember one of my favorite classes was mechanical drawing with Mr. Parlante. It always stood out to me as a class that was important. I also remember computers were first being introduced my freshmen year and you were... Read More

Elena Faddoul ’11

From a university known for its worldly views to a company that builds to help people imagine, design and create a better world, Elena Faddoul ’11 is on journey of self-discovery for the betterment of others. Take us back to your time at SHC. I served as the vice president of service... Read More

Rich Azzolino ’70

What do you remember from your days at Sacred Heart? First of all, the camaraderie and friendships I created at SH are still very alive today. Anytime my classmates and I get together it feels as if we have not missed a beat! Our friendships are lasting. That, I believe, says who we are! My... Read More

Chrissy Pringle ’08

A Management Consultant in Chicago, Chrissy Pringle ’08 is adept at both assessing a company’s current performance and developing recommendations and models for its future success. From San Francisco to Chicago, Chrissy discussed her career in consulting and how her time at as a student at SHC... Read More

Erin O’Connell ’92

As the President of USRowing, Erin O'Connell '92 is given the task of expanding rowing to all people and ensuring that the United States is successful in competition and expanding rowing in schools across America. Erin spent some time discussing her experience at SHC and her love for the... Read More

Chris Masoud ’08

From SHC to the University of Notre Dame, Chris Masoud '08 went out of his comfort zone and came back to the Bay Area with a new perspective on his life goals.         What do you remember about high school? Which instructors were most influential to your development? I grew up in San... Read More

Frozena Jerro ’88

Building a career around sports can be a lifelong dream that few turn into a reality. For SHC Hall of Famer, Frozena Jerro ’88, her career as a coach has taken her across the country and world for the sport she loves. What do you remember most about your time as a student at SHC? I had a... Read More

Joey Nevin ’01

Joey Nevin ’01 serves as the director of sales and marketing for San Francisco Giants Enterprises. From the Opera at the Ballpark to the Bruce-Mahoney Baseball game at AT&T, Joey directs all new business development for Giants Enterprises. We recently caught up with the 2001 graduate to... Read More

Raymond Nann ’51

As a high school senior at Sacred Heart, Ray Nann '51 attended a retreat at the Jesuit Retreat Center (JRC)—then known as El Retiro—in Los Altos Hills. In fact, you can find a wonderful black and white photograph of that Sacred Heart retreat class on the bookshelf in the JRC Rotunda. In the... Read More

Jacob Wertz ’05

It began with a goal; provide the best education to those who need it the most. The idea of starting a charter school at the age of 28 is no easy task, but Jacob Wertz ’05 is up to the challenge. The former De Paul Scholar discussed how his dream is become a reality with the help of a willing... Read More

Danielle Lam ’07

Newt Gingrich once said, "Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did." Life in politics can be an everyday hustle, but for Danielle Lam '07, working with Mayor Ed Lee on a daily basis is a rewarding profession that makes her hard work worth the... Read More

Beverly Durham ’81

From ice skating with Fred Flintstone, partying with Bart Simpson, touring the globe with the Harlem Globetrotters and managing Ronald McDonald, Beverly Durham ’81 has lived a life with numerous characters. Tell us about your time at Cathedral High School High school was an amazing time. It... Read More

David Wheelock ’89

Douglas Adams once wrote that “flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” While Adam’s tongue-in-cheek quote may appear trivial, the basic ethos of flying remains the same. David Wheelock ’89 knows the importance of staying above ground from more than two decades in the... Read More

Dr. Rose Lewis ’60

A pioneer in plastic surgery, Dr. Rose Lewis ’60 holds the distinction as the first female African-American plastic surgeon in the world. From the University of California at Berkeley to running her own private practice in San Francisco, the St. Vincent graduate shared with us her career path and... Read More