Academics + Inquiry & Innovation Program

Inquiry & Innovation

“Schooling isn’t worth anything unless it creates for people the capacity to believe that they can change the world. If our kids don’t believe they can change the world then I think we ought to say that our education has not been strong enough.” Jean Piaget

The I2 Mission

The Inquiry & Innovation (I2) program is a rigorous, four-year academic and enrichment program designed to target the unique passions and interests of its students through a lens of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and design. Upon conclusion of the program, students will have worked individually, collaboratively, and with myriad mentors to create a final Kickstarter Project with one goal in mind: change the world!

I2 Scholar Characteristics & Expectations

Program members are among our top applicants, displaying high academic achievement and exemplary standardized test scores (especially in math and science). More importantly, an I2 Scholar is an individual who embodies an intrinsic curiosity about the world and possesses a strong desire to quench that curiosity in collaboration with teachers, peers and the community.

I2 Scholars are expected to:

  • Achieve at least a 3.5 cummualtive GPA every semester with at least a grade of B for each semester in Math and Science courses.
  • Successfully complete all required Kickstarter-Academic Exploration (AE) courses.
  • Maintain the highest standards of behavior as prescribed by the school and affirmed by the dean of students.
  • Participate in summer workshops and enrichment activities.
  • Be models of curiosity and innovation for the entire SHC community.
* Students may opt-in to the I2 Program at the end of their first year of studies provided that they meet the above criteria and with the approval of the Director of Studies and I2 Program Director. 

I2 Program Components

  • A unified 9th grade Physics experience
  • Course and college counseling
  • Advanced Placement courses
  • Academic Exploration courses
  • Summer workshops
  • Parent seminars
  • Student seminars
  • Student internships
  • Field trips
  • Monthly “Play Dates”

I2 Program Objectives

  • Design a Kickstarter Project with the goal of changing the world as it applies to your passion.
  • Develop and maintain a relationship with an expert in an area related to the Kickstarter Project.
  • Secure an internship in an area related to the Kickstarter Project.
  • Complete four years of science, including at least one Advanced Placement (AP) course.
  • Complete four years of math, including at least one Advanced Placement (AP) course.
  • Complete required I2 Academic Exploration courses: Kickstarter I, II, III and IV.

I2 Resources

For more information, please contact Inquiry & Innovation Program Director Dr. Ramsey Musallam. Watch Dr. Musallam’s recent TED talk on education.