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Inquiry & Innovation

“Schooling isn’t worth anything unless it creates for people the capacity to believe that they can change the world. ” Jean Piaget

I2 Mission

The Inquiry & Innovation (I2) program is a four-year academic and enrichment program designed to target the unique passions and interests of its students through a lens of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and design. Upon conclusion of the program, students will have worked individually, collaboratively, to create a final KickStarter Project with one goal in mind: Change the World!

I2 Scholar Quotes

“In a literal sense, the goal of the I2 Program is to build students up in a way that they learn to feel capable of achieving whatever it is that they have set their minds on.  We are encouraged to think creatively in a humbling working environment, as well as discover our strengths and weaknesses so that we may grow in such a way that we can ultimately accomplish our goals.  We are taught that in order to change the world, we must first take hold of our passions, and learn to develop these passions with time and effort.  Along with the continuous support we receive from our peers and from our instructors, this is made possible”. – Samantha Fisher, Class of 2017

“The I2 Program, in my opinion, is something very unique and special that allows for the advanced implementation of personal knowledge on a level that will ultimately affect a larger population. In general, the I2 program is a way for my ideas and opinions to actually materialize and become something greater, that, like the mission statement suggests, will help to fill a void or solve a problem that I feel has yet to be solved. More specifically, the I2 description is one that clearly suggests the focus of the program, to research and understand something that I think is important on a higher level, and eventually create something that will demonstrate my passion for the topic, and the research I completed to further understand it. In my case, I have a strong passion for cycling, specifically road cycling, and through personal experience and I have found that protection of the body (less so the head because the effects of head injury are well known across a broad spectrum of sports) is being neglected, in favor of maximizing efficiency and aerodynamic performance. Earlier this year in fact I fell during a routine training ride and fractured a small bone in my right arm, which forced my off the bike for about a month. This further increased my passion for a solution and I am currently trying to form ideas about how, and what could be used to solve my problem.” – Tomas Saldana, Class of 2017

I2 Scholar Characteristics & Expectations

Program members are among our top applicants, displaying high academic achievement and exemplary standardized test scores (especially in math and science). More importantly, an I2 Scholar is an individual who embodies an intrinsic curiosity about the world and possesses a strong desire to quench that curiosity in collaboration with teachers, peers and the community. Keeping these characteristics in mind, I2 Scholars are expected to:

  • Achieve at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA with a B average or higher in all Math and Science courses.
  • Maintain the highest standards of behavior as prescribed by the school.
  • Participate in  all summer retreats, KickStarter Workshops, I2 Labs and Field Trips.
  • Be models of curiosity, innovation and service for the entire SHC community.

I2 Team

  • Dr. Ramsey Musallam. I2 Program Director & I2 AP Science Instructor
  • Ms. Danielle Farinacci. 9th Grade I2 English Co-Instructor
  • Ms. Kate McFadden. 9th Grade I2 English Co-Instructor
  • Mr. Joe Murphy. 9th Grade I2 Physics Instructor
  • Mr. Mark Pagano. 10th Grade I2 Honors Chemistry Instructor
  • Mr. Dabney Standley. I2 Workshop Facilitator

I2 Four-Year Overview

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I2 2014-2015 Event Calendar

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I2 Family Nights

Once a year, all I2 scholars and their families join together for a night of community building and stimulating conversation. Centered around a lecture or conversation from a pioneer in his or her field, our first I2 family night during the 2013-2014 was a huge success. Scholars and their families gathered at the San Francisco Jewish Community Centerto hear IDEO founder David Kelley share his thoughts on innovation and curiosity. For the 2014-2015 school year, scholars and families will gather at Sacred Heart Cathedral and walk together to the Nourse Theatre see to MacArthur Fellow, Jad Abumrod for a City Arts and Lecture event

I2 Sponsored Initiatives

Although the I2 Scholar program is limited to selected students each school year, the I2 “Change the World” mission is something that is important for all members of the Sacred Heart student body to embrace. Keeping this in mind, the I2 program also involves “I2 Sponsored Initiatives” that are open to the any interested Sacred Heart Cathedral students, but are grounded in the ethos of the I2 program. Sponsored Initiatives included:

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I2 Misc. Resources

For more information, please contact Inquiry & Innovation Program Director Dr. Ramsey Musallam. Watch Dr. Musallam’s recent TED talk on education.