Academics + Counseling


SHC school counselors and college advisors are dedicated to ensuring that each student maximizes his or her potential so that he or she may be empowered with skills and information to make educated choices for the present and future.

Incoming students are assigned a school counselor with whom they will continue to consult until graduation. Junior year, students are also assigned a college advisor who will guide them through the college research, application and financial aid process. School counselors meet with students individually to get to know them as unique individuals and offer guidance tailored to their specific needs, as well as in groups to provide information relevant to social and academic adjustment, curriculum and college preparation and planning. College advisors provide students and families with individualized planning throughout the college admissions process.

Understanding that the developmental stage of adolescence can be challenging, SHC school counselors work to ensure that the transition from adolescence to adulthood is as smooth and as fluid as possible. To help bring about a seamless transition between the SHC secondary school experience and collegiate matriculation, parents are invited to discuss with their child’s school counselor any issues or concerns they may have regarding the academic, personal, emotional or spiritual development of their child. Parents are also strongly encouraged to meet with their student’s college advisor in the spring or summer prior to the senior year.

Counseling Department Mission

Sacred Heart Cathedral’s Counseling and Advising Program provides parents and students the academic guidance they need to navigate a challenging college prep curriculum commensurate with the individual student’s gifts, talents, and aspirations in order to make the transition from secondary school to college as seamless as possible. In addition, school counselors guide, support, encourage and nurture students to advance emotionally, socially and spiritually from adolescence to adulthood.

Counseling Department Goals

SHC school counselors and college advisors assist students to:

  • Make mature decisions guided by the Gospel and teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Develop relationships with others predicated upon respecting the dignity of each person.
  • Discern and practice appropriate personal and social behavior.
  • Achieve personal and academic goals that lead to success.
  • Navigate technology for college planning and ascertain collegiate options.
  • Identify and pursue post-secondary opportunities commensurate with individual interests, talents and abilities.

Our Counseling & Advising Model

We offer a specialized and comprehensive approach to serve SHC students and families. A recent Counseling Departmental review indicated students would benefit from more focused advising in the increasingly complex tasks of college admission and financial aid. Under our revised model, school counselors and our Academic Resource Specialist will continue to serve students from the time they enter until the time they graduate from SHC. Beginning with junior year, school counselors will be joined by college advisors who will guide students through the college research, application and financial aid process.

Separating these roles allows school counselors to be more available and responsive to the academic, spiritual and social-emotional needs of students while allowing college advisors to provide students and families with individualized planning throughout the college admissions process.