Strategic Plan

In order to fulfill and advance our Catholic, Lasallian Vincentian mission, SHC will achieve the following strategic objectives over the next five years.

1. Strengthen and Promote a Culture of Excellence

  • Implement a continuous improvement plan that includes all groups within the SHC community (board, administration, faculty, staff, maintenance, parent volunteers, departments, programs, etc.)

  • Design and build a curriculum and learning infrastructure for the future that achieves educational excellence and innovation for all students

2. Build and Communicate a Powerful Brand
  • Develop a marketing message and advertising campaign to effectively promote SHC

  • Roll out new and consistent brand identity

  • Engage and empower the whole community in promoting SHC as the finest education in the Bay Area

3. Ensure Financial Sustainability
  • Increase revenues and develop alternative revenue streams beyond tuition 

  • Contain increase in overall costs to no more than increases in tuition

  • Adopt best practices throughout the organization to achieve a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness