Board of Regents

SHC’s Board of Regents aid and advise the president and administrative officers in the general governance of the school and assist with future planning and development. The board consists of at least 30 voting members who serve a three-year renewable term. Members are elected by a majority vote of the Regents.

Denise Kent ’77 – President
Charles R. Love – Vice President
Mary T. Lee ’77 – Alumni Board President 

Raymond A. DeRenzo ’73
Carol Wicklund Enright
Sandra Gulli
Steve Heath
Janet L. Holland ’77
Lisa Kala, PhD ’73
Sheila Kiernan
Sister Christina Maggi, DC
Eileen M. Malley ’77
Sister Frances Meyer, DC
Debbie Monfredini
Gerald M. Murphy
Mark Pardini ’88
Sister Sylvia Parks, DC
Rene Stephen Picazo ’90
Jeffrey P. Porter ’72
Kevin Ramirez, PhD ’65
Roman Rodriguez, MD ’68
James E. Ryan, Jr.
Bernadette Smith
Monsignor John Talesfore
Edward K. Wang ’90
Brother Tom Westberg, FSC
Harold H. Wong ’77